Selangor FC became the first Malaysian League club to officially launch the

2021 home kit through its Gergasi Merah’s social media platforms, bringing the iconic 1986 colours back for ardent fans.


According to the official statement, the 1986 kit was only worn once in the season’s Malaysia Cup final where the late Mokhtar Dahari became Selangor’s stalwart in his last appearance in the said tournament.

Selangor went on to covet the Cup for the then-record for the twenty-seventh time.

Uniquely different from past seasons where red was the dominant colour, this year’s home kit is inspired by Mokhtar’s legacy. The legacy of Selangor and Malaysia’s iconic player known as “Supermokh” is embellished on the new kit with a stylised facial graphic at the back collar.

At a first glance, the 2021 kit bears uncanny similarities with the 1986 progenitor in colours, style and placement. 

The presence of green on the kit is an homage to the standard of Selangor’s then-crown prince, the current Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah AlHaj, who was Selangor’s most prominent supporter during his days in regency.


The retrofitted kit faithfully follows a similar layout where the club crest is placed on the right side instead of left. 

To make the kit go contemporary, the base fabric in yellow is decorated with mimusops elengi plant motif which is also known as bunga tanjung, the state flower of Selangor.

The red-and-yellow quarterly flag adorns the chest and ribbon parts. As the club also celebrates its 85th anniversary, the slogan “85 Years Creating A Legacy” is printed inside the back collar. 

The 2021 kit is again produced by Joma, Selangor’s sponsor since 2019. 

The launch has sparked massive enthusiasm for the club and ecstatic supporters hailed the kit as among the finest in the recent era. 

Available in various sizes, collectors and supporters can get the player version of the kit via club website at RM109, while the fan version will be on sale after Chinese New Year.



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