AFTER 20 years in the business, Brunei-based dressmaker NIE is looking to push its new line-up of exclusively-designed apparels.

While it already carries a strong portfolio for its collection of dresses and fashionable baju kurung, the firm’s owner Winnie Wong said the store hopes to make a mark in daily attire.

Visiting her store, Winnie showed some of the new designs, with most of them wearing NIE’s trademarked embroidery patterns, with beads carefully crafted into the shape of flowers and butterflies – all nicely drawn with camisoles and collared shirts being the canvas.

Image: Syafiq Affendy
Image: Syafiq Affendy

“The daily attires can be worn for casual outings and for work,” said Winnie in an interview with The Bruneian.

At this moment, Winnie said she is still waiting for the right time to push for the new line-ups to the market.

Image: Syafiq Affendy
Image: Syafiq Affendy
Image: Syafiq Affendy

“It is something new and I am still studying the market.  While these shirts are designed based on my observations of the ever-changing fashion trend, how well it would be received would definitely depend on the people itself,” said the Malaysian-born entrepreneur.

“But for now, while having these plans on the side, I am still focusing on the baju kurongs. This month is definitely its season and I would have to dedicate myself and my staff to the coming customers,” she added.

NIE is celebrating its 20th anniversary this month. The store already has three branches in the sultanate.

Two decades after starting her business, Winnie said she’s no longer keen on opening up new branches, but rather to introduce more products and improve services.

“Based on my experience, those are the keys to expand your clientele and to keep them as your regular customers.”

“When you have a larger client-base, you can definitely be sure that business will continue to come to you. Most importantly, they allow you to better sustain your business,” the owner said, adding that getting more regular clients is a challenge every businesses have to face.

Image: Syafiq Affendy
Image: Syafiq Affendy

For Winnie, things are just enough for her, so long as she could create a smile to those wearing her attires.



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