The new Nissan Almera provides more power and torque than ever before with its all-new 1.0-litre three-cylinder turbocharged engine.

First introduced nine years ago, the fourth generation has evolved bringing greater efficiency to its well-earned reputation for its performance and innovation.

Image: Fazizul Haqimie

Boustead, the sole distributor of Nissan vehicles is introducing two variants of the Nissan Almera – the Turbo and Turbo S, into the Bruneian market.

When Nissan Brunei unveiled their B-Segment sedan early this year, we were quite impressed with the size capacity and performance of the engine.

Image: Fazizul Haqimie

Standard on all two Nissan Almera Turbo variants is the all-new HR10DET 1.0-litre that produces 152nm of torque, which is a 13 per cent improvement from its previous predecessor.

With the growing demand for eco-friendly vehicles, there is an increase in the introduction of a more powerful and smaller capacity engine in the car industry.

However, many of these are packed with environmentally-friendly technology such as turbochargers to increase acceleration and speed.

In addition, the all-new a high-performance engine offers an improved powertrain refinement and an output equivalent to its previous 1.5-litre engine.

Image: Fazizul Haqimie

Product trainer of Nissan Brunei Bryan Tham in an interview said that despite being a 1.0-litre engine, a single turbo is there to compensate for it. 

Thus, making the car very responsive and provides impressive horsepower and torque.

The feisty turbo engine is designed to provide the highest level of fuel economy and performance.

“A lot has improved in the latest Nissan Almera, ranging from the changes from exterior to interior, the introduction of new technological features (Nissan’s Intelligent Mobility) and its safety features are brought up to another level,” he added.

Driving the Almera

The Bruneian tested out the Almera Turbo S for its full potential and prowess starting from the Boustead showroom in Beribi to One City shopping complex in Sg Akar.

Aesthetically, the latest Almera looks nothing like its predecessor. The sedan ditches its conservative look to a more significantly dynamic and polarising look compared to the model it replaces.

The Almera wears its signature ‘V-Motion’ grille loud and proud, dominating the front end of the sedan, making it sleeker and stylish – definitely a head-turner on the road.

Driving on a range of roads from highways to the challenging roads of Subok, the Almera feels smooth and serene when cruising. 

The sedan was perfectly stable and planted to the ground which inspired confidence from behind the wheel.

While the Almera is not an off-road vehicle, it does boast optimal road performance and road-holding capabilities throughout the drive.

But can a 1.0-litre match a standard 1.5-litre engine for power?

It was at the Salambigar highway where we got to test out the true prowess of the 1.0-litre three-cylinder turbocharged engine. 

There is no stopping the small but feisty turbocharged engine, it is very quick and smooth on the power delivery compared to its previous 1.5-litre engine.

Driving along the highway at 100km/h the engine feels more refined and even when overtaking; you can feel the 999cc engine at work as it gets you above 120km/h smoothly, without a hassle. 

Further along, the turbocharged engine does not feel restrained and even when you accelerate more, you are never in the need to add more power. 

Adding to its drivability, the Almera is paired with a new powertrain that comes with next-generation XTRONIC CVT with D-Step Logic System.

The system gives the sedan a more effortless and flexible power delivery and driving experience when compared to a conventional automatic gearbox.

Moreover, the new powertrain also determines the ideal gear ratios needed to provide smooth, constant acceleration.

Its smooth-shifting transmission makes it very easy and relaxing to drive and it is a truly versatile performer in stop-start traffic.

If you are looking to save up fuel consumption, the Almera might suit your every need.  Paired with the latest engine technology, the sedan improves fuel efficiency and CO2 emission. 

Image: Fazizul Haqimie

The Almera is also equipped with Sport Mode driving for that extra kick and better acceleration performance. 

Transitioning from normal mode to sport mode proved its dynamic ability to make the most of the roads.

Further into our drive, the sedan has a great cornering grip and balance, encouraging us to do more rolls along the Raja Isteri Pengiran Anak Hajah Saleha Bridge. 

Image: Fazizul Haqimie

The steering is precise and gives the kind of feedback you want from a Nissan.

 We were also impressed with the wide range of technology and safety features available inside the Nissan Almera.

The car presents itself as the embodiment of what the Japanese automaker stands for in terms of safety and technology.

For Nissan, safety has always been of paramount importance and hence, the Almera benefits from Nissan’s Intelligent Mobility safety package, equipped with all essential safety features.

Image: Fazizul Haqimie

The Almera is equipped with Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC), Hill Start Assist (HSA), Intelligent Forward Collision Warning, Intelligent Emergency Braking (AEB), Intelligent Around View Monitor (360-degree bird’s eye view) with Moving Object Detection and blind-spot warning, among others.

Combining performance, innovation and technology, the all-new Nissan Almera Turbo S is definitely more than what meets the eye.

This article was first published on October 3, 2020 in our Weekly E-Paper issue 109

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