imagine CEO Suzanna Suharju (L) launching the 2020 Yellow Pages Brunei Telephone Directories as General Manager of Tele Directories James Lee looks on. Image: Courtesy of Yellow Pages Brunei

imagine and Tele Directories have introduced the 2020 Yellow Pages Brunei Telephone Directories yesterday at an event that took place at the PGGMB building in the capital.

The latest edition is now available in e-book version which can be obtained by scanning a QR code that can be found at all imagine’s counters.

The move for the digital copy aims to provide more efficient customer experience and easy reference for those seeking information.

Meanwhile, for those who still prefer the hard copy directory, it is readily available at any of the telco’s branches as well as at PGGMB area where customers can collect the new copies and return the old editions starting July 21 for two weeks.

The 2020 Yellow Pages Brunei Telephone Directories can be obtained at PGGMB building area. Image: Analisa Amu

For the old copies, imagine and Tele Directories team continue to encourage the practice of reduce, reuse and recycle.

Apart from the QR code feature, the e-book also debuts active hyperlinks that leads to business websites and email addresses directly from the listing, with zoom capabilities for better reader experience.

The directory comes in three colour-coded sections for easy reference namely Government Department in blue, Residential Listings in white and Commercial or Classified in yellow.

The 2020 Yellow Pages Brunei Telephone Directories can be obtained at PGGMB building area. Image: Analisa Amu
A customer seen writing down his name before getting the complimentary telephone directory. Image: Analisa Amu

Imagine in a statement said that with this year’s theme dedicated to the continuous rise of digitisation worldwide, the latest directory cover highlights Industrial Revolution 4.0 focusing specifically on the digital economy and beyond as the rise of new digital technology continue to become an increasingly enriched advanced mechanism in our everyday lives.

In keeping with this theme whilst revolutionising the Yellow Pages business approach, going online by introducing the Yellow Pages e-Book positions listed companies better in connecting with potential customers and clients.

Chief Executive Officer of imagine Suzanna Suharju said that the community has embarked on this new era where internet and technology has made our everyday activities easier through digital and mobile solutions.

imagine CEO Suzanna Suharju (L) with General Manager of Tele Directories James Lee looking at the digital copy of the phone book. Image: Courtesy of imagine

“We believe that we can improve and expand our clients’ exposure through these new digital features,” she said.

Whilst noting that imagine stands atop a legacy that spans 68 years as JTB and later TelBru, Suzanna added that as a telco with a notable history of transformation, and adaptation to new technology, imagine prides on understanding the need to explore different ICT avenues for the betterment of the communities they serve.

“The digitisation of the Yellow Pages in partnership with our stakeholder, Tele Directories is a testament to our commitment for progress as we continue to empower Bruneians through our products and services and encouraging them to imagine what’s next whether at home, at work, or on the move,” concluded the ceo.

For more information about the telephone directory, customers are encouraged to contact imagine’s Talk2US at 111, or follow the company on any of its social media platforms. – Analisa Amu

Members of imagine’s management taking a closer look at this year’s 2020 Yellow Pages. Image: Courtesy of imagine
imagine management in a group photo with the team from Tele Directories. Image: Courtesy of imagine



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