Airport’s Tourist Information Counter to promote small and medium scale businesses

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Waqiuddin Rajak

TRAVEL related businesses can ride on the newly opened Tourist Information Counter at the Brunei International Airport as a new platform to promote their products and services.

While the counter, which began its operation yesterday, serves to provide information about Brunei’s places of interests and accommodations; it also holds a secondary purpose of promoting small and medium scale businesses.

Association of Travel Agents in Brunei (ATAB), its main operator is currently engaging these small and medium scale travel and tourism businesses to get their comprehensive details, which will later be presented at the information centre to be picked up by tourists.

“In particular, we are currently engaging ourselves with businesses that do not have enough resources and channel to promote their services – but have done a lot of things in the industry,” said the vice president.

These services, he said, may include boat cruises, home-stays, traditional food showcases and other products developed under the banners of various village consultative councils (MPKs) in Brunei.

During these engagements, ATAB may also get the small and medium businesses to partner with any of the member agencies for better prospects; and they may also consult them on how to better feature their products and services at the information counter.

“But it should also be noted that, we are not serving as another travel agent for them; we are simply just disseminating information for them through a wider channel,” said the vice president.

“While helping them, we are also hoping to help the government achieve its target of 450,000 tourist arrivals by flight by 2020,” he added.

ATAB is a travel association formed since the 1970s made up of many travel agents in the industry, currently with over 20 members.

While ATAB is the primary operator, the establishment of the Tourist Information Counter was also made possible due to the support of Brunei Association of Hotels (BAH), Brunei Tourism Board, MMW, Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) and the Tourism Development Department.

Along with the opening of the Tourist Information Counter, a big map of Brunei pinpointing places of attractions in the capital and commercial areas such as Gadong and Kiulap was also installed outside of the arrival hall.

ATAB will continue to work with its stakeholders in ensuring tourists to have sufficient information about what Brunei has to offer through its tourism industry.

The Bruneian