31 fighters competed in the nation’s first inter-club Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tourney

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Fighters showcasing their Jiu Jitsus at the tournament. Image: The Refinery


Bruneian Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) clubs recently gathered in Belait to compete in the nation’s first inter-club BJJ tournament.

Hosted by the district’s own BJJ club The Refinery, the competition aimed at bringing BJJ fighters to practice and gain experience together, while also preparing them to fight at the regional level later this year.

Besides the organiser, Khalifa MMA, Jits Irmao and Wolfpack were also amongst the clubs participating in the tournament.

For more than half of the participants, this was their first time participating in a tournament.

Some of the fighters watched at the side as their comrades fight their matches. Image: The Refinery

The event started with the female White Belt divisions in the morning, with 18 competitors in 4 weight classes, the youngest competitor being only 11 years old.

Men’s divisions commenced in the afternoon with 31 competitors spread over 5 divisions for White Belt, and 2 divisions for Blue Belt.

After some intense fights and an incredible display of sportsmanship, winners were awarded with medals and prizes sponsored by two local fightwear brands, Combatch and Dark Arts Fightwear.

The Refinery’s Head Coach and the organiser Nobel Lee said: “I’m very pleased by the growth of BJJ over the past fews years and it seemed like the right time to hold this event since we now have four well-established clubs. With the positive feedback I have received, there is a possibility that there will be future competitions”.

A number of local BJJ practitioners have also been actively competing in regional and international competitions in recent years, earning medals and gaining recognition for Brunei in the sport.

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