$400k to Upgrade Current Padi Irrigation Systems

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RICE production is expected to hit an output capacity of 7,700 metric tons annually by 2020 with the booster shot in funds allocated towards improving its infrastructure this year.

Minister of Primary Resources and Tourism Yang Berhormat Dato Paduka Hj Ali Apong said $400k will be channeled towards upgrading current irrigation systems at all padi farms nationwide.

The move will complement the ministry’s initiative to introduce a high-yielding padi strain “Titih”, which can produce 8.5 metric tonnes per hectare in one cycle.

“With that, the Ministry of Primary Resources and Tourism (MPRT) hope padi farmers can produce 7,700 metric tonnes or 22 per cent per year by 2020, compared to the 2,000 metric tons or 6 per cent produced in 2015,” he said.