A taste of Taiwan with Sweet Nonya Delights

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Taiwan Beef Noodle now available at Sweet Nonya Delights Cafe. Image: The Bruneian

Azrina Zin


Cozy up with a bowl of Taiwan Beef Noodle at Sweet Nonya Delights Cafe, perfect comfort food to satisfy your taste buds.

The latest noodle dish by the Kiulap-based eatery which is priced at only $7.80 is a combination of delicately but intricately seasoned broth with tender Australian Beef Shank, plus a garden of garnishes.

Boiled down to its soulful essence, what really sets the noodle apart is the inclusion of large slices of the slow-cooked beef that are cooked for eight hours until made tender.

What makes it exceptional is that the wonderfully aromatic and flavourful house-made broth is made from more than 20 different ingredients.

To its head chef, Woo Yien Moi, cooking is more passion than anything and according to her, it took her two weeks to find the perfect noodles to complement the broth.

Moroever, Sweet Nonya Delights Cafe also offers a variety of other cuisines to cater to everyone’s taste.

One of the dishes includes their popular Rainbow Noodle, which colourful noodles are made fresh from their own kitchen and all made from organic ingredients such as spinach, squid ink, dragon fruit and sweet potato, among others.

Kolo Mee Rainbow Noodle at Sweet Nonya Delights Cafe. Image: The Bruneian

Other signature dishes are such as the Chili Pan Mee, Rainbow Noodle, Kuching Laksa, Nasi Kerabu, Pan Mee Soup and many more.

The restaurant is located at Unit 16, Regent Square, Kiulap or follow their Instagram @sweetnonyadelights_kiulap for further details.

The hand-made rainbow noodle made by the head chef of Sweet Nonya Delights Cafe. Image: The Bruneian

The Bruneian