AITI to conduct net neutrality consultations in May

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Waqiuddin Rajak

THE Authority for Info-Communications Technology Industry of Brunei Darussalam (AITI) will be conducting a series of consultations this year in a bid to formulate a “net neutrality” framework for Brunei.

Net neutrality has attracted global attention and debate, because of its potential effects to the use of internet and access to information.

Net neutrality, according to AITI, refers to the basic principle where ISPs must treat all data gathered on the internet equally; and to connect people to the contents of their choice without discrimination and restriction.

This means that network operators and internet service providers are not allowed to prioritise certain companies or types of data, charge for preferential access, or differentially charge by user, content, service or application on any internet data.

The consultations that will be carried out serves to allow AITI to gather data and identify the potential challenges and opportunities in the current telecommunication landscape, taking into consideration consumer interests, industry expectations and the government’s aspirations.

Additionally, they will also be carried out in phases starting next month; the first phase involves local internet services providers (ISP) to identify their considerations and challenges, and then to explore the technical requirements associated with net neutrality.

The next phase will be open to public, including local content providers. Key areas anticipated within the discussion would include network traffic management, transparency of information, innovation and competition.

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