One of the headscarves at Al Hayaah. Image: Azrina Zin

Al Hayaah, a homegrown fashion brand, recently unveiled its latest collection of silk headscarves which designs are neatly embellished with crystals from Swarovski at its newly opened store in Kiulap.

The pieces are available in Al Hayaah Nur, Al Hayaah Habibti and Al Hayaah Signature with 22 colour options ranging from pastel to bold

Al-Hayaah takes the hassle out of hijab with its easy-to-wear and extremely soft collection, allowing customers to be fashionable and comfortable at the same time.

Each tudung is intricately hand-crafted and made from self-developed high-quality material while the delicate Swarovski crystals add a touch of luxe to an already elegant, fine fabric.

Selection of Swarovski crystals for Al Hayaah’s headscarves. Image: Azrina Zin

The fashion brand has also launched its limited-edition Elham 2020 collection which style balances lace designs and Al Hayaah’s cultural elements.

In keeping with Bruneian roots, the “Bunga Simpur” and “Bunga Pusing” are the core elements of the design with its trademark Swarovski craftsmanship creating an exquisite look.

In 2010, Maimun Abdullah Bui founded Al-Hayaah, a business that sells stylish hijabs for Muslim women, and as of last year, she has taken that dream a step further with the introduction of Al-Hayaah’ s first-ever collaboration with Swarovski.

An Al Hayaah headscarf with Swarovski crystals. Image: Azrina Zin

Maimun saw the increasing demand for fashionable and easy-to-wear Muslim headscarves that lead to the mushrooming of many local brands in the Brunei market.

“We wanted to choose an easy way to start a new business,” said the 43-year-old serial entrepreneur is also the owner of Madison Brunei – a one-stop-shop that offers a range of customisable and affordable fabric.

She added after months of discussion and challenges, Maimun decided to build her own brand with the same quality as that of Sharqiaa.

The limited-edition Elham 2020 collection at Al Hayaah. Image: Azrina Zin

The homegrown brand aims to be the chosen brand among Bruneians and their journey as a brand inspired the creation of their slogan “Together we can make Brunei great again.”

Maimun believes that the contributions and effort by members of Al Hayaah made a huge difference to where they are now.

Not only she is the founder and creative director of Al Hayaah but, she also leads the production, operations, content making and marketing teams.

For Maimun, it is important to get involved in every aspect of the operations as she wants to ensure Al-Hayaah carries the quality that her customers deserve.

Al Hayaah headscarves are available in assorted colours ranging from pastel to bold. Image: Azrina Zin

“The unique point of Al Hayaah Hijab collection is about our self-developed fabric, where we are the second in the world to develop this fabric material,” she said.

Maimun plans to continue focusing on Al-Hayaah’s growth in the local market to more firmly establish itself as a local brand before going global.

Al -Hayaah is on the path of expanding to both domestic and international markets, via both local vendors and other local platforms such as and as well as the international platform Zalora.

Founder of Al Hayaah Maimun Abdullah Bui (L) with the guest of honour Datin Hjh Masnah (C) and Swarovski’s Key Account Manager Kwong Sze Yeen officiating the launch of Al Hayaah’s new retail store in Kiulap. Image: Azrina Zin



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