Grand Motors has revealed the all-new Carnival, the fourth generation of the South Korean’s flagship minivan, boasting a fresh and elegant appearance with a  more solid body – perfect for a family road trip.

The new model dubbed a ‘Grand Utility Vehicle’ builds on its predecessor’s heritage with a more architectural sense of solidity and an upgraded appearance matched with futuristic details and SUV-inspired design elements.

The exclusive distributor of Kia vehicles in the country brings in four variants of the eight and seven-seater Carnival namely; G, GL, GLS and GLX.

Image: Abrisam Halim

New personality

The Carnival has a shorter front overhang compared to the previous generation with the base of the A-pillar moved backwards to create a longer hood.

Image: Abrisam Halim

The increased wheelbase gives the minivan a more roomy and relaxing cabin while giving the car a longer, slightly more athletic silhouette, resulting in a side profile that reveals the Carnival’s more dynamic DNA.

This is emphasised by a simple yet bold character line that runs along the length of the car, linking the front and rear lamps.

Beneath this clear line, the Carnival features a more prominent sense of volume to its bodywork with bold wheel arches and sharp lines along the body giving it a more sculpted appearance.

Furthermore, the new model has a unique island roof design with blacked-out A and B pillars supporting the body-coloured roof.

Image: Abrisam Halim
Image: Abrisam Halim

One of the prominent features is the eye-catching new C-pillar signature design on the side of the car, inspired by the new Kia Sorento.

Image: Abrisam Halim

The chrome fin which wraps beneath the tapered rear windows and extends towards the tailgate is finished with a subtle diamond pattern that is also reflected throughout the inside of the car.

More confident, futuristic face

The new Carnival has a new ‘tiger face’ that extends across the width of the vehicle, seamlessly integrating lamps with Kia’s iconic ‘tiger nose’ grille.

The grille and lamps are defined by their high-tech, high-precision details with chrome trim above the grille and forming its own character line around the face of the car.

Moreover, the Carnival’s high-beam lamps are integrated into the corner of the tiger-nose grille with low-beam lamps sitting separately, at the outer edges of the car front.

Image: Abrisam Halim
Image: Abrisam Halim

The LED daytime running lights (DRLs) are wrapped around the car’s turn signal lamps and plunge downwards to merge with the grille’s lower chrome border.

At the lower end, the sculpted bumpers and lower air intake are matched with metallic trim and a black lower bumper, presenting the Carnival’s robust, SUV-inspired appearance.

Image: Abrisam Halim

For the rear, the Carnival has a wide, distinctive new design that uses full-width lines to emphasise the car’s sense of solidity.

The lines include the sleek combination lamps which have the same details as the DRLs at the car front integrated into a full-width light.

The light bar connects visually to a sharp, sculpted line that extends downwards and wraps around the licence plate.

Futuristic, spacious cabin with innovative technology

On the inside, the new Carnival boasts higher quality and design compared to its predecessor. Its high-tech ambiance is prominent in its wide dashboard.

The car also features a 4.2-inch TFT-LCD digital driver instrument cluster and a 12-inch touchscreen infotainment system that supports the latest phone connectivity, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Its sound system is equipped with BOSE’s 12-high performance speakers including a subwoofer based on BOSE’s unique sound technology.

Image: Abrisam Halim

Many infotainment functions can be controlled using touch-sensitive buttons around the screen, with a similar panel further down the centre console for the climate control system.

Image: Abrisam Halim

For the car’s transmission, the Carnival has a shift-by-wire dial located at the base of the centre console that shows the model’s sense of technology and modernity.

Some other convenient features that come with the car are such as Remote One-touch Power Doors & Liftgate for passengers’ ease of access in and out of the Carnival, Get on/off Puddle Lights that light up whenever the power sliding doors open, Smart Power Sliding Door and Power tailgate auto-close.

Spacious cabin

The Kia Carnival is known for its 22-year-old heritage of spaciousness and versatility and the new Carnival benefits from a longer wheelbase, a longer rear overhang and a wider body.

Image: Abrisam Halim
Image: Abrisam Halim

The overall length of the Carnival increases by 40 mm to 5,155 mm with a 30 mm longer rear overhang of up to 1,130 mm giving more interior space for passengers in the third row as well as the best luggage space.

The model offers owners three-row seating configurations with space up to eight occupants in total.

Meanwhile, for the seven-seat arrangement, the Carnival features Kia’s reclining captain’s chairs in the second row with adjustable backrests, armrests and leg rests, giving comfortable seating on a long journey.

Image: Abrisam Halim

The Carnival also highlights practical storage options for passengers with a range of new features for stowing, supporting and charging electronic devices.

The second-row occupants can enjoy the back-of-the-seat USB chargers, storage nets for mobile devices and a new storage drawer near the rear console along with a tray to store tablets or phones.

See the all-new Carnival up close and take it for a spin by visiting their showroom in Beribi or call them at 2613888 to set your appointment. For updates, follow them on Instagram @kiabrunei

Image: Abrisam Halim

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This article was first published on March 13, 2021 in our Weekly E-Paper issue 132



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