Members of the media were recently invited to test the all-new Kia Cerato, with Grand Motors, the sultanate’s sole distributor of Kia, Mazda and Citroen, set to launch the new model this week. 

Besides the edgier design, the third-generation Cerato packed quite a good punch in terms of its infotainment features, particularly its connectivity with drivers’ smart phones that would allow text and WhatsApp messages to be read out loud. 

Image: Syafiq Affendy
Image: Syafiq Affendy

All drivers need to do is connect their smartphones to the car and use the controls on the steering wheel to navigate around their messages. 

The car is also compatible with both Android and Apple IOS platforms, with the infotainment system being an 8-inch colour touchscreen with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay integrated on the dashboard; straight within driver’s line of sight. 

Image: Syafiq Affendy

What is more impressive; unlike some other cars, the all-new Kia Cerato does not require drivers to replicate the mother tongue of an Englishman to get their commands across the car.  Anything English is good enough. 

This feature is part of Kia’s initiative to further ensure that its cars are safety-friendly to drivers. 

Image: Syafiq Affendy

Upon connection with the car, drivers could no longer operate their smart phones; all operations must be done through the infotainment system. 

This is so that drivers can dedicate their attention to the roads ahead of them. Wireless charging facility is also available for those who preferred to go cordless in long journeys. 

There are also other features worth noting for the third-generation Cerato; and if you are interested, see it for yourself at its actual launch this Saturday, 5.30pm to 9pm at Kia Showroom in Beribi. 




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