AMBD is headquartered inside the Ministry of Finance and Economy building. Image: The Bruneian

Autoriti Monetari Brunei Darussalam (AMBD) has added seven companies and individuals to its alert list as of August.

They are JAA Lifestyle, Khalifa BHH (Facebook profile), Siti Hardiana, Tarik Gaji (Invest 2020), Invest Pusing Lagi, Company Eljojo and Invest Syarikat Fazfar Enterprise.

The AMBD Alert List is a list of individuals, companies and websites which are neither authorised nor approved under the relevant laws and regulations administered by AMBD or whose activities raise a suspicion of illegal financial activity.

This list is without prejudice to any further assessment by the central bank regarding the activities of the companies concerned.

Furthermore, AMBD would like to remind the public to not deal with any entities or individuals carrying out or offering financial services, such as money changer, money remittance and money lender without a license or any activities that raise suspicion of illegal financial activity that may breach the relevant laws under AMBD.

A person passing by an exhibit at AMBD’s Currency Gallery. Image: The Bruneian

For any involvement in dealing with an unlicensed or unregulated company or individual, members of the public may not have the protection afforded under the regulatory framework administered by AMBD. 

The authority remains committed to the financial stability of the country and to safeguarding Brunei’s financial system and the interests of financial consumers.

AMBD will also continue to actively monitor any suspicious or unlicensed financial activities in the sultanate.

If the public have any information on unlicensed financial activities, please contact AMBD at 2380007 or contact them at

To access the Alert List, as well as the list of persons and institutions licensed by AMBD, members of the public may visit its website at – Analisa Amu



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