AMillennium Holdings Co Executive Chairman, Muhammad Amirul Mukminin Jufri (C) along with the company’s senior officers cutting a cake in conjunction with the AMillenium Holding’s third anniversary. Image: Faza Suraj

Local real estate and property developer AMillennium Holdings Co recently celebrated its third anniversary and signed 21 new CEOs under its One Central Multi-Business Development Department (1CMBD).

The signing ceremony was held at the Serambi Suluh of Tarindak D’Seni in the capital between the 21 CEOs and the General Manager of 1CMBD Hj Mazlan Hj Said. They were recognised for their success in establishing their own businesses under the 1CMBD group.

1CMBD is a programme set up by AMillennium Holdings Co in early 2018 which goal is to build 12 to 60 subsidiary businesses in an effort to reduce the country’s unemployment rate through entrepreneurial development.

AMillennium Holdings Co Executive Chairman Muhammad Amirul Mukminin Jufri delivering his speech during the company’s 3rd Anniversary Annual dinner at Serambi Suluh of Tarindak D’Seni. Image: Faza Suraj

“Our company was set up with a vision, to stand united and drive national development following the goals of Wawasan 2035,” said AMillennium Holdings Co Executive Chairman, Muhammad Amirul Mukminin Jufri in his speech.

“We wanted to establish ourselves as a catalyst, not only for real estate development but also entrepreneurship, to build the capacity of local talents by creating new opportunities for enhancing and diversifying economic resources,” he added.

The Executive Chairman said that 300 entrepreneurs in training have been registered under the 1CMBD, establishing new businesses and producing a number of local chief executives. It has grown over 140 companies in 14 different industries.

The 21 new CEOs officiated under AMillennium Holdings Co One Central Multi-Business Development Department (1CMBD) in a group photo with 1CMBD General Manager Hj Mazlan Hj Said. Image: Faza Suraj
AMillennium Holdings Co One Central Multi-Business Development Department General Manager Hj Mazlan Hj Said (C) during the signing ceremony officiating the 21 new CEOs under 1CMBD group. Image: Wardi Wasil

With AMillennium Holdings Co being an enterprise set up by local youths, Muhammad Amirul spoke at length of the important roles that youths play in developing the nation, calling forth Bruneian youths to have the courage to ignite progress and transform Brunei.

“Youths are the assets of every nation and we should strive together to build them up, by giving them opportunities to develop their own talents, and only through this will we be able to give birth to a generation of Bruneians, who are experienced, skilled and future-ready”.

He concluded his speech by congratulating the 21 newly officiated CEOs, urging them to not give in to complacency and to always strive for excellence adding: “What we become tomorrow is dictated by who we are today”.

Among the guests who attended the event. Image: Faza Suraj



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