Some of the new products launched at the Sunway Resort and Spa last month. Image: Waqiuddin Rajak

Taiwan-based computing firm ASUS has intensified its efforts in building a stronger presence in Brunei with more investment now being poured onto marketing plans and strategies, further revitalising Bruneian interests to its products.

The company which has become a market leader in Malaysia’s PC gaming hardware segment plans to expand further into Brunei via its premium local partner CF King – the nation’s longest-serving distributor for ASUS products since its establishment in 1981.

More than just a gaming powerhouse

ASUS managed to become one of the leading players for PC gaming equipment and hardware today thanks to its sub-brand the ‘Republic of Gamers (ROG)’ that was introduced back in 2006.

ASUS Malaysia’s Country Manager Leo Tseng explaining bits about the newer products. Image: Waqiuddin Rajak

Its position in such market became all the more important today with e-sports continuing to gain traction all over the world, demanding PC makers to produce more durable and high-powered machines to accommodate the growing demands for competitive gaming.

Despite its reputation as a gaming powerhouse, ASUS does not plan on settling down with just a single niche. Constantly in search for the incredible, ASUS definitely wants to expand its grasp to every market segments within its reach.

The firm’s Country Manager for Malaysia Leo Tseng said he wants people to know that ASUS can actually serve all different market segments.

While in the past, ASUS ROG products may be designed solely to accommodate gaming needs, Leo said ASUS is now working on developing a range of products that could cater to those wanting machines that fits both their gaming and office needs.

Some of the new products launched at the Sunway Resort and Spa last month. Image: ASUS ROG Malaysia

All these, said Leo, lie in the product design itself – which is heavily based on the end-user trends. Such desire was translated into ASUS latest range of products, particularly the ROG Zephyrus series which gets slimmer and smaller despite the boost in its gaming capacities.

“We are always in search for the incredible, that is our motto – and that is also why we need our products to be closer to the end-user trend,” Leo said.

“And we are definitely willing to put a lot more effort to set our products right with the end-user trends and need, alongside the newer technologies for them to enjoy,” he added.

Investing into branding campaigns

Leo stressed the need for ASUS to improve its branding strategies which have also included setting a premium image at its participation during exhibitions and expos.
That was why for the first time ever, the firm through its partner CF King began investing on designing banners and booth, which could also translate to ‘reliability’ when presented to the public.

Some of the new products launched at the Sunway Resort and Spa last month. Image: Waqiuddin Rajak

Being reliable is one of the important image ASUS wants to highlight, Leo explained.

“We do not want to just become a price-slash kind of player because that is not something that could make us stay in the market for the longer term,” he said.

“We are confident in our products, and if we can deliver a good range, why do we have to kill our prices?” he added.

For Brunei’s market, Leo is emulating the working strategy he had implemented in Malaysia.

“We want to bring the same image we have in Malaysia to Brunei. We became the number one because we were able to gain trust from the people, because they know we care about the kind of technology we deliver to them,” he said.

“With this kind of passion, we are definitely confident we will be able to achieve consistency in our business,”

“I know right we are still a ‘nobody’ in this market, but we definitely have something we could do to become ‘somebody’, and that too may take time,” he added.

Accessibility to durable, high-powered rigs

Despite putting greater emphasis on quality, ASUS did not neglect the importance of its pricing.

Country Manager Leo said he is aware that there are people who chose to use a lower-powered model to accommodate both their work and gaming needs because they could not afford the high-end models.

“Every end-user have their own usage scenarios. They could be students doing multimedia projects but also needing one that could fulfill their gaming needs – but all in all, it is rare to see people buying two different machines to suit different needs,” Leo said.

“Our gaming laptops previously cost more than $1,700, but with the new product range, people can just get a high-end machine for about $1,000 to $1,200,” he added.

These machines, which may refer to ASUS ROG Strix series, are still packed with high-powered features such as an Intel i3 to i5 processors and reputable graphic cards – but the cheaper ones may not boast exclusive features like the ‘keystone’.

But the laptops that are within an affordable range would still be able to accommodate standard gaming needs as well as multimedia projects that demand large amount of processing memories and power.

“For Brunei, we are definitely aware that our products are quite young – but we are definitely excited to show Bruneians something different from what they usually see in the market,” he said.

“While gaming might be the popular trend now, I hope Bruneians could also try and enjoy the other range of our products that might not be related to gaming,” he added.

This article was first published on July 06, 2019 in our Weekly E-Paper issue 44

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