Dynamik Technologies Chief Executive Officer Haslina Taib (C) with the Dynamik team during the rebranding ceremony held at Avenue 41 yesterday. Image: Zaim Kasmat

BAG Networks has officially changed its name to “Dynamik Technologies”, following the full acquisition of all of its shares by the government subsidiary firm Khazanah Satu in May this year.

The company’s renaming signifies its move to further assist Brunei in its digital transformation efforts, with a project already being laid out to enhance digital inclusiveness between IT stakeholders and the grassroots community.

Dynamik Technologies Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Haslina Taib stressed on the company’s commitment to improve community and lives, especially in the fields of energy, agriculture, education, health, social care, connectivity, financial services, business and governance.

“The name, vision and brand story are crafted based on more than a year of engagement with both our internal and external stakeholders,” she said.

Haslina said that as technology project and change managers, the company aspires to draw everyone’s inspirations into the Dynamik Technologies brand.

“We created an identity that brings together our people, clients and partners, and united as a team to forge forward and confidently embark on our next Dynamik journey of change, empowering digital transformation for all,” added the CEO.

Dynamik Technologies Chief Executive Officer Haslina Taib at the rebranding ceremony held at Avenue 41 yesterday. Image: Zaim Kasmat

The new name adapts a combination of both Malay and English variations of “dynamic”; defined as being energetic and capable to adapt to changes, as well as generate innovation and development.

It is in line with the company’s vision to empower innovative leaders and game-changers in digital transformation.

The word “Dynamik” is coined to represent two parts; “D” is for Darussalam, reflecting Negara Brunei Darussalam and represented by the red D in the logo.

While the remaining words form the anagram of the Malay word “minyak” which means oil, underlining IT as the new black gold fueling the digital economy.

The “A” in the logo is highlighted in a red open triangle, signifying change and the company’s mission in “Empowering Digital Transformation”, which is also its new tagline.

Despite the new name, there will be no changes in the company’s legal status and commitments as well as its business structure.

The company advised its clients and partners to make new invoices, purchase orders, new contracts or amendments under the company’s new name.

All business correspondences are to be addressed to Dynamik Technologies and the new contact details are as follows:

Website : www.dynamiktechnologies.com.bn
Email : hello@dynamiktechnologies.com.bn
Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn | Twitter | Youtube : Dynamik Technologies

Other contact and identification information such as the company’s registered address, bank account numbers, telephone and fax numbers remain unchanged.

Further queries or clarifications can be directed to the company through its e-mail address.


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