Baiduri Bank gives back to 10 families

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The participating families and Baiduri Bank staffs in a group photo at Sim Kim Huat, Annajat Complex. Images: Azrina Zin

Azrina Zin

Baiduri Bank recently took 10 underprivileged families from the Brunei Muara district on a shopping spree in preparation for the upcoming Hari Raya at Sim Kim Huat in Annajat Complex.

The project is carried out through the bank’s flagship corporate social responsibility programme dubbed ‘The Let’s Give Back This Ramadhan’ that is aimed to provide relief for selected underprivileged families in four districts identified by the Department of Community Development (JAPEM).

Participants majority shopped for food supplies comprising of rice, cooking oil, sugar and other essential food items that are normally needed in the festive month.

The children were ecstatic as some were seen hunting through the confectionery aisle of the supermarket.

CEO of Baiduri Bank Ti Eng Hu with one of the participating family. Images: Azrina Zin.

Baiduri Bank Chief Executive Officer Ti Eng Hui said: “We are focusing on bringing joy to the underpriviledged families in the country and provide the opportunity for them to reveal in the upcoming Hari Raya festivities.”

He further added that Baiduri Bank has carried out a number of events over the years which have been about giving back to the Brunei society.

Baiduri Bank staffs and volunteers helping out participants with their shopping spree. Images: Azrina Zin

After the shopping spree, the underprivileged families and Baiduri Bank volunteers had a hearty iftar at the Millenium Restaurant in Gadong.

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