Baiduri Bank’s newly-launched banking platform b.Digital Personal. Image: Courtesy of Baiduri Bank

Baiduri Bank has unveiled a brand new digital banking and lifestyle platform Baiduri b.Digital Personal is designed to enhance customer experience and engagement.

The platform which is available in both the mobile app and web version comes with an improved user interface (UI) that is optimised for one-handed use.

With just a swipe of a finger, customers can easily perform a wide range of tasks such as paying bills, purchasing top-ups, setting up standing instructions and viewing their accounts or statements directly from their mobile devices.

In addition to the improved layout and features, the app also provides the option of biometric login through facial recognition or fingerprint for a faster and more seamless login process.

The optional ‘Quick Balance’ feature allows customers to view a specified account balance with a simple swipe without the need to log in.

The Baiduri Bank headquarters in Kiarong.

Authenticating payments is easier and more secure with the new mobile app, the bank said in a statement.

When customers make online transactions, the app generates a secure code through its ‘Soft Token’ feature.

“This feature does not require any network connection or physical token which makes authenticating transactions easier whether customers are at home or overseas,” it said.

An exciting new feature is the Lifestyle Offers section that carries ongoing promotions, and Baiduri card exclusives.

In addition, the app version has an e-coupon function where users can purchase and share e-coupons without the need to access a separate app.

The web version has the ‘Savings Goal’ function that allows the user to set a savings goal and monitor progress.

These financial planning tools seamlessly integrate banking into the everyday lives of customers, thus enabling a digital lifestyle with improved speed and accessibility to a multitude of services.

The mobile app is just the first step in the wave of digital innovation offerings planned by the bank.

Through collaborations with FinTech companies and startups, the Bank hopes to use this digital banking platform to develop and offer innovative banking and financial solutions in the future.

Customers will enjoy more convenience, greater mobility, faster and safe way to transact on their mobile phones, laptops or whatever devices of their choice. In the process, customers are empowered to decide how, wherever and whenever they want to conduct their banking needs.

File photo of Baiduri Bank CEO Ti Eng Hui (C) posing with the Bank of The Year trophy in London. Image: Baiduri Bank

Chief Executive Officer of Baiduri Bank Ti Eng Hui said that the introduction of b.Digital Personal is a very important milestone in the bank’s digital journey.

“It is part of Baiduri’s overall transformation drive and the beginning of a digital journey which we hope will improve customer experience, starting from b.Digital Personal for individual customers, and followed in the near future with our b.Digital Business for our Corporate and Business customers,” he said.

He further said that Baiduri Bank has always been at the forefront of innovation – developing new and cutting-edge products and services to give our customers a high level of satisfaction.

“We believe that technology is an enabler not a destination in itself. Through technology, we hope to deepen our relationship and engagement with our customers”, added Ti.

Baiduri’s new digital banking platform aligns well with the country’s Smart Nation initiative and AMBD’s Digital Payment Roadmap 2019-2025 for moving Brunei towards a ‘digital payment nation’.

It also supports the Financial Sector Blueprint 2016-2025 for achieving the nation’s Vision 2035 of a more dynamic and sustainable economy.

The launch of the new Baiduri b.Digital Personal demonstrates Baiduri Bank’s continued commitment to innovations in customer experience.

Among other initiatives, the bank recently partnered with Datastream Digital (DST) to develop a soon to be released e-wallet which will enable payments for goods and services both locally and internationally via mobile phones.

As part of the launch campaign of the brand-new platform, Baiduri Bank is also rewarding its customers by holding a lucky draw competition.

Customers who use the platform to perform banking transactions such as paying their bills or making fund transfers stand a chance to win attractive prizes.

The Baiduri b.Digital Personal mobile app is available for download on both the App Store and Google Play Store. More information, including video tutorials and FAQs, are available on Baiduri’s website via



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