The Progresif PAY app. Image: Azrina Zin

Bank Islam Brunei Darussalam (BIBD) recently announced new updates for its NEXTGEN wallet services including a major facelift to its partner’s Progresif Pay – which can now accept any subscribers.

The service which was previously exclusive only to Progresif line users now boasts similar functionalities to the bank’s mobile banking app.

Through the new update, Progresif Pay is now capable of making transactions via scanning QR-codes, a similar manner to BIBD’s QuickPay; and making purchases just by tapping smartphones on cash terminals, a feature similar to the bank’s upcoming NFC service.

The e-wallet service can also convert real monies into eCredits, which could be spent on online platforms gaming platforms including Steam, iTunes, Facebook and Playstation Network.

Progresif Pay is a mobile wallet application introduced last year under a collaboration between Progresif and BIBD.  Its development was aimed at leading Brunei to a greater commercial diversification enhancing digital economic trends.

The mobile app was also developed to expand the accessibility of digital transaction services to include the unbanked segment of the population.

Image: Azrina Zin

Looking at the data produced by the Department of Economic Planning and Development (DEPD), BIBD noted that there are at least 100,000 foreign workers in Brunei, 20 per cent of whom are professionals. 

Progresif in its statement said that the new features of the app are currently being showcased at the Brunei Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) Festival which kicked off at the BRIDEX Hall in Jerudong today.

The new Progresif PAY app is also available for download on Google Play and the Apple App Store.  Potential customers can drop by the Progresif booth at the MSME Festival to register for Progresif PAY – and if they are lucky, they might get $10 credited to their account upon registration.



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