A local fashion brand Bilang recently made its debut with the launch of its capsule collection dubbed “Bilang Eid 2021”.

For the upcoming Raya season, the label is offering minimal and comfortable yet elegant womenswear that comes in five versatile looks that are suitable for different occasions, allowing the wearer to be flexible in her own personal style.

Image: Bilang

“We love being minimal yet unafraid to be different. That is what Bilang is all about – subtle and elegant yet quirky,” said its co-founder, Zulhelmi Kamaluddin.

Bilang is the brainchild of Zulhelmi and business partner Fikri Afif Daud, the duo stylist behind the media and talent management brand, 1001 Agency.

Image: Bilang

The name ‘Bilang’ originates from the Brunei Malay word which stands for ‘every’ just like the terms ‘bilang urang’, ‘bilang hari’ and ‘bilang macam’ translating to as everyone, every day and variety – the core elements of the local brand.

Furthermore, Fikri said that when they first started doing styling with 1001, they promised not to dive into fashion design but their particular interest led to the birth of the brand.

“When we style our clients for photoshoots or TV shows, sometimes it’s hard for us to find outfits that fit the style or look that we wanted,” he said, adding that they eventually started designing custom pieces for clients.

The creativepreneur also said that the duo has slowly developed their own DNA or signatures in both styling and designing.

Image: Bilang

Pre-orders for the pieces which already received positive response began on 15 February via its official Instagram account @bybilang and customers may enjoy up to 10 per cent off if deposits are made in full.



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