Books and publications can be marketed effectively through online platforms 

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Waqiuddin Rajak

A LOCAL writer is looking to make a breakthrough in the publication industry by marketing his books online, with his latest work slated to hit Bruneian bookstores next week. 

Through the facilities available online, Dr Aammton Alias, who has written about 20 books so far was also able to market his works in e-formats; where his publications can easily be delivered to his readers on  their tablets and phones. 

This includes his bestselling “Be The One Percent”, which continues to garner sales even without any efforts to market it. 

Asked if his writings have had favourable sales and response, he noted said: 

“If I market them, readers would definitely pick them up, if I don’t, then they don’t.  It depends on how strongly you market them,” he said. 

Pictures: Waqiuddin Rajak and Courtesy of Dr Aammton Alias

Through online, he noted that there is such thing as marketing algorithms when the products are being promoted through online platforms including Amazon and Facebook. 

“The base idea is that, I am actually using robots to market my books.  They detect the trend, and when it suited by theme, they will then push my books into that trend,” he said. 

But Dr Aammton also believed that books are best marketed in an organic way that is through a people-to-people approach. 

This, he said, is because the approach gives writers a chance to further explain parts of the stories that could garner interests from potential readers. 

Brunei might be lacking in terms of the number of companies dedicated to book publications; but he noted that Bruneian writers may not have the need to do such, given the availability of platforms that is easier to use and could have save costs. 

All that is needed is for budding writers in Brunei to learn how to use these platforms and to look beyond the sultanate in marketing their writings. 

Writing itself is not an easy task, he noted; 

“To get people to start writing, a lot of things can come into play including self-doubt, and there will also be people who will say ‘no it won’t work’,” he said. 

“But you see, other people can flourish in the industry, so why can’t we?  Writing a book requires commitment.  There have been people who half write a book and give-up,” 

“But my advice is, if you have the idea and the right medium, then do it today, do it now; you will only see how satisfying it is when you managed to finish the book,” he said. 

And if they need help in doing so, Dr Aammton advised them to seek assistance from their peers or experienced others. 

Dr Aammton’s latest book, “Real Ghost Stories of Borneo” is slated to hit Bruneian bookshelves sometime next week; it is a compilation of ghost stories he gathered from his family members, friends, personal experience and other people he met throughout Borneo. 

It is also the first book he has written which is of such genre.  Having closed his pre-order period, he is hoping that the book will also be receiving good response from readers. 

It will also be available for purchase through Amazon. 

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