The Borneo United Enterprise office is located in Tanjung Bunut. Image: Ridhwan Kamarulzaman

For the past 37 years, Borneo United Enterprise has been working to keep facilities and residences in the sultanate sanitised and clean.

First established in 1983, the company was primarily a building material supplier and only tapped into the cleaning industry six years later.

Today the company has grown from a single business entity into a one-stop solution for asset maintenance offering various solutions including professional cleaning services, facility management, general building repair, landscape and grass cutting maintenance.

Managing Director of Borneo United Enterprise, Stanley Lim. Image: Ridhwan Kamarulzaman

The local facility management caters to a wide variety of clientele ranging from small to large businesses to government agencies, as they solely focus on satisfying their customers by providing them with the specific cleaning services they require.

“Borneo United Enterprise has served clients from all walks of life, from home owners, commercial establishments to government buildings, hospitals to private clinics, airports — even airlines and many more,” said Managing Director Stanley Lim.

“The company has made it their mission to raise the standard of the cleaning industry in the sultanate by instilling the importance of professional cleaning services through training and education.”

A Borneo United Enterprise staff cleaning one of the mosques in the country. Image: Courtesy of Borneo United Enterprise

Through innovation and centering on best-in-class quality and services, Borneo United constantly strives to offer premier services for its consumers enabling them to continue to retain and grow their customer base.

Lim, however, shared that with growth, comes challenges.

“With an ever-changing economy, sustaining a business like Borneo United Enterprise can be quite challenging especially when it comes to revenue.”

Borneo United staff doing cleaning services at one of the mosques in the country. Image: Courtesy of Borneo United Enterprise

He added that the biggest challenge the company faced was the stigma attached to the cleaning profession.”

“People don’t really appreciate how important the role cleaners contribute to our society. Their hard work in keeping public and private spaces clean and safe for people are often overlooked.”

“Because of this, it is hard to find people who are committed and willing to stay in the cleaning business,” he explained.

A Borneo United Enterprise staff cleaning one of the mosques in the country. Image: Courtesy of Borneo United

Currently with 830 employees which include office staff and cleaning staff, Borneo United Enterprise is looking to bolster its workforce to meet the growing demand.

Moreover, the company has six accredited training members whose roles are to train and assess the cleaning operatives at Borneo United Enterprise, adding that 160 cleaning operatives have completed and passed their British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICSc) modules.

The overall objective is to provide customers with quality trained staff, to promote the best practice in the cleaning industry and to provide a safe and clean environment.

Some of the equipment used by Borneo United Enterprise. Image: Ridhwan Kamarulzaman

According to Lim, their hands-on approach coupled with experience
and commitment to customer satisfaction, sets them apart from other businesses.

“We set the benchmark in this industry by being transparent to our clients,”
he said, adding that Borneo United Enterprise is certified and audited yearly by the BICSc since 2004.

“Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic, our company has experienced an increase in demand of customers seeking our disinfecting services.”

A Borneo United Enterprise staff cleaning one of the mosques in the country. Image: Courtesy of Borneo United Enterprise

Lim said this includes cleaning the National Isolation Centre in Tutong, sanitising several mosques and suraus, government departments, bedrooms of all the quarantine centres in the Brunei Muara and Temburong district as well as hotels, linens and bedsheets.

“We have also played a part in sanitising transportation vehicles such as busses and other modes of transport used to ferry quarantined and confirmed cases.”

Lim said Borneo United Enterprise has been preparing for these situations since the SARS outbreak in 2003.

Some of the products used by Borneo United Enterprise. Image: Ridhwan Kamarulzaman

“From past experience, we realise that being prepared will definitely give us an edge in the industry and also a chance for us to contribute and serve our local community during these hard times,” he said.

When asked about future plans for the company, he shared that the company is eyeing on expanding the business internationally.

Members of the public who wish to hire their services can contact their office at 2450017.

Borneo United Enterprise staff discussing about the next project at their office in Tanjung Bunut. Image: Ridhwan Kamarulzaman



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