3M’s Business Development Manager Dennis Tan explaining the product to the audience Pic: Waqiuddin Rajak

Boustead today launched a new line of premium car window tints designed to help beat the Brunei heat. 

Dubbed the tint without a “tint”, the 3M crystalline series features tint films that retain all the capabilities of blocking heat and glare without the need for darker shades. 

Launching the new tint films, Boustead Sdn Bhd also announced that it has been appointed the official distributor for 3M tinted films, with AutoImagination Services and Everstone Electronic Services as its official dealers. Pic: Waqiuddin Rajak

The new product was officially launched at Boustead’s new Suzuki Showroom in Gadong as the company announced its partnership with 3M Malaysia. 

“What sets 3M crystalline tint films apart from any other similar products in the market is how it leveraged on multi-layer technology to address heat penetration and glare,” said Dennis Tan, 3M Business Development Manager. 

Some of the set-ups prepared at the Suzuki Showroom in Gadong, showing how well 3M tinted films can refract light and reduce heat Pic Waqiuddin Rajak

In his product presentation, Tan shared that a single film, which is thinner than a Post-It note, consist of 200 layers, each carrying thickness that will change the optical properties of the film once it came in contact with heat and light. 

“This in turn creates an infra-red mirror that reflects solar energy without having to use any metals,” he said, adding that light and heat are refracted through a complex system of layers before it reaches the insides of the car. 

Tan showed a few samples through several setups prepared at the showroom. 

With the latest technology, he said, drivers would not have to worry about having their mobile signals and GPS blocked, as the crystalline tint films are designed to be metal-free, therefore not interfering with any electronic signals needed for car owners particularly for their info-tainment systems. 

Boustead has also appointed Lambak-based AutoImagination Services and Everstone Electronic Services in Kg Jangsak as its official dealers for the 3M window tints. The firm provides a five-year warranty for each purchase of the tints. 



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