Brain Science Enterprise is located in Kiulap. Image: Ridhwan Kamarulzaman

Train your brain to further enhance its capabilities at Brain Science Enterprise, a Korean franchise brand brought into the sultanate in August 2018.

Trainer Goh Kim Kooi introduced the practice to Brunei when he saw the need to help individuals with medical conditions.

This includes individuals with Anxiety, Autism, Down Syndrome, ADHD, Dyslexia and Attention Deficiency.

The procedure is done through scientifically proven and data-enhanced methods to analyse and stimulate the development of neutral cells in different parts of the brain.

“This will help improve and enhance the brain’s functionalities and solve the different challenges faced by individuals as well as families.”

Trainer Goh Kim Kooi putting on the device on a learner before training commenced. Image: Ridhwan Kamarulzaman

Methods: Brainwave Scanning

Before taking part in any of the training sessions, participants must go through a five-minute electroencephalogram (EEG) assessment to identify the state of the brain.

Goh explained that through the EEG procedure, problems related to electrical activity of the brain can be detected by tracking and recording brain wave patterns.

Data collected from the EEG is then sent to the Brain Science Institute in Korea and an in-depth report will be sent back to the sultanate within a week.

“The results will allow us to take a deeper look at the brain’s right and left activity, at the same time, determine whether the individual’s brain activity has high energy, is overactive or underactive.”

Trainers will interpret the participant’s current learning ability, emotional intelligence, thinking ability and other aspects to develop a plan for their brainwave training.

A learner’s brain wave conditions show normal waves. Image: Ridhwan Kamarulzaman

NeuroBrain Training

The Neurofeedback training system has a series of programmes available for learners of all ages to overcome challenges in the aspects of learning ability, thinking ability and emotional control.

This includes programmes focusing on relaxation, memory, creativity, self-control, attention, meditation, concentration and left-brain balance.

The sessions are held three times a week for a duration of 45 to 55 minutes per person for a minimum of three months.

“Whilst some have requested training for a week or a month, it is advisable to take a minimum three-month session because that is when we can see evident results,” said Goh.

“The more the brain practices, the more it can instill and strengthen memory, creativity, self-control, concentration and other vital attributes.”

NST headphones

Apart from brain scanning and training services, the establishment offers Neurosound Technology (NST) headphones for users to optimise their learning processes and develop their brain’s potentials.

Goh explained that the NST is a sound synthesized brain neuro-development training programme that allows the brain to be regulated to strengthen the function themselves.

This includes relaxation, stabilisation, alertness, concentration, feelings, emotions and social relationships.

“How it works is that the headphones will emanate a synthesized sound which combines composed frequencies with pleasant music.”

“This will achieve a balance between the left and right brain, improve concentration, provide relaxation and inculcate emotional stability as well as facilitate proper brain function,” he added.

The NST is available in four themes which are active learning, attention, memory and autism, where each theme is installed into separate headsets with four to five audio tones.

“Users will have to choose the headset that is suitable for them and the effect will be slowly felt after a period of time.”

One of the unique traits of the NST headset is its capability to allow specific music or audio tones to activate different areas of the brain.

Brain Science Enterprise currently has two types of headsets available for purchase: autism and attention.

One of the NST headsets with an autism theme available for purchase. Image: Ridhwan Kamarulzaman


Results vary according to the individual and duration of the sessions, said Goh, adding that with 10 students enrolled since its establishment, many have had positive improvements.

“Visible improvements are in memory, concentration, sleep and mood, as well as a reduction in symptoms associated with emotional distress, anxiety, attention-deficit, fatigue and chronic pain.”

Additionally, the training demonstrates improved insights and problem-solving abilities while decreasing anxiety and stress.

“We’ve had parents come in saying their children are able to grasp certain situations, don’t hit themselves anymore and are able to compromise when it comes to decision making.”

Other outcomes include enhanced learning ability, determination, attention and comprehension.

Goh said such problems occur due to the uncoordinated functions of the brain’s nervous system or the limitations in brain development.

Trainer Goh Kim Kooi explaining to The Bruneian about the Brain Science Enterprise. Image: Ridhwan Kamarulzaman

“We recommend those having trouble to come in as soon as they can if they feel like other solutions don’t help. If your child is angry it will take to improve.”

“When these abilities are repeated constantly, results will be long-lasting,” he added.

According to Goh, the NeuroBrain training not only brings relief to a vast array of medical conditions but also benefits those looking to improve their brain’s processing capacity for enhanced physical and mental performance.

Rewrite the chapter of your child’s life at Brain Science Enterprise located at No. 4, 1st floor, Block A, Bangunan Hj Awang Ahmad dan Anak-Anak, Simpang 88, Kg. Kiulap, BE1518.

The public can also contact them at +673 2229347, +673 8734510 and check for updates on their Instagram @Brainsciencebrunei or Facebook at ‘Brain Science Enterprise Brunei’.

A learner participating in one of the training games. Image: Ridhwan Kamarulzaman



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