A youth representative an oath at last year’s National Youth Day celebration. Image: Infofoto

Brunei is celebrating its National Youth Day tomorrow, with strong emphasis given to those excel in combining business ideas with the use of latest technologies to make positive impacts to the country.

To be held at the International Convention Centre (ICC), the annual event will gather youths into four clusters – those belonging to the fields of creative arts and businesses, social enterprises, volunteering bodies and those involved in progressing the nation’s sustainable development areas.

Chairman of the celebration Dr Iskandar Hasnan previously explained that the first cluster will mostly feature businesses who utilises their creative thinking skills to create new niches in Brunei – giving an example out of interior designing companies.

He mentioned that there are young interns who took what they learnt from companies to start their own businesses, and have now been capable to take up on bigger projects to expand their portfolios.

The cluster however, is not just limited to designing arts and offices. The chairman also mentioned that companies that create geo-models to predict the actual shapes of underground reservoirs, particularly for oil and gas companies using hi-tech facilities will also be included in the cluster.

Meanwhile, the social enterprise cluster will feature companies deemed to have strong impacts in addressing social issues such as environmental concerns and education.

Among companies featured in this cluster may include Al-Huffaz Management services, a youth-operated firm that looks to increase Brunei’s accessibility to Al-Quran reading education by providing door-to-door classes.

The sustainable development area cluster will feature several institutions responsible for youth capacity building initiatives and policies.

Volunteerism on the other hand, is being maintained as Dr Iskandar believed that volunteering activities have been the core trend of youths in the country.

Additionally, a total of 80 youths have also been nominated for the Excellent Youth Award, Youth Service Award, Young Leaders Award and Excellent Youth Project Award.



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