Members of TelBru and Yellowpages posing for a picture with the new telephone directory. Image: Yellowpages

Telekom Brunei Berhad (TelBru) announced that the public can now collect the latest issue of telephone directories from TelBru branches nationwide.

For this year’s cover design, Telbru has chosen the theme “A Vision for a Better Future Generation”, inspired by His Majesty’s aspiration namely Brunei’s Future – “Nation’s progress, socio-economic development, and well-being of the people”.

The telco, in a statement, encourages the public to return old directories regardless of its publication year including other books.

“We are very thankful to members of the public for their positive approach and support in making a difference every year by bringing these recyclable items,” the company said.

For bulk collection, the public may collect this year’s directory at TelBru building in Sumbiling where recycling bins are also available for the older directories.

In addition, the proceeds from the recycling drive will also be donated to Pusat Ehsan Al-Ameerah Al Hajjah Maryam.



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