Brunei edging closer to becoming a plastic-free nation

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A cashier holds up various sizes of recyclable bags at Hua Ho Department Store in Kiulap. Image: Ridhwan Kamarulzaman

Azrina Zin

The government has moved closer to abolishing the use of plastic bags at supermarkets and retail stores, with Monday now added to its “No Plastic Bag Every Day” project, effective this week.

This means that customers would have to bring their own carrier bags every time they shop at major commercial stores, especially when most of them have primarily backed the initiative since its inception in 2011.

Despite the wide coverage, the Department of Environment, Parks and Recreation (JASTRE) in its statement suggested that there were still businesses yet to ride onto the environmental drive.

Following this, JASTRE is now looking to extend its “No Plastic Bag Every Day” to cover smaller retail stores, markets, restaurants and stalls.

The project which began as a weekend initiative was developed seven years ago to phase out the usage of plastic bags to address environmental concerns.

Among all, it was also aimed at reducing Brunei’s production of solid waste from 1.4kg per day to 1kg by 2035.

The Bruneian