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Natural gas is one of Brunei Darussalam’s major revenue earners. In the 1960s, the sultanate embarked on an ambitious joint venture with Shell Overseas Holdings Limited and Mitsubishi Corporation to begin large-scale liquefaction and transportation of natural gas following the discovery of gas reserves in the country’s waters.

Image: Brunei LNG

Brunei LNG Sendirian Berhad was established in 1969 primarily for the purpose of liquefying natural gas and was previously known as Brunei LNG Limited. Construction of the LNG Plant in Lumut in the Belait district was completed in 1972, thrusting Brunei Darussalam name in the world as the first country in the Western Pacific to pioneer in liquefaction of natural gas, and helping to establish LNG as a global energy resource.

Image: Brunei LNG

LNG is the main product produced by Brunei LNG, and to date, it has liquefied and delivered more than 261 million tonnes of LNG to its customers; JERA, Tokyo Gas, Osaka Gas, Shell LNG Marketing and Trading, PETRONAS LNG Limited, and Koch Supply & Trading.

Image: Brunei LNG

Brunei LNG is also the sole producer of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) as a by-product at its bottling plant for domestic sales by Brunei Shell Marketing.

Brunei LNG’s vision is to be a leading and competitive LNG provider. Its mission is to be a recognised leader in safety, business integrity, production and commercial excellence; to create value for Brunei Darussalam and shareholders by producing LNG safely and delivering it to customers on time; to provide employment opportunities and be a source of national pride for our staff and partners; and to be a good neighbour for the communities established around the plant, and a caretaker of the environment.

Image: Brunei LNG

Fifty years after its establishment, Brunei LNG remains steadfast in its commitment to support Wawasan Brunei 2035 and has thus set up long-term strategies and goals to increase local Bruneians in key positions, enhancing competencies and local business participation.

Brunei LNG is proud to be 92 per cent Bruneian in line with the Bruneianisation Directive.

Image: Brunei LNG

To further support the government in developing the country’s human resources, Brunei LNG significantly contributed to a Training Centre in 2017.

In 2018, the mini plant dubbed Hands-On Operation Training (HOTS) Unit at the Institute of Brunei Technical Education (IBTE) Jefri Bolkiah Campus (JBC) was officially opened to give students authentic learning experience by using the latest technology.

Brunei LNG was involved in leading the project, in collaboration with other partners in the government sectors and the oil and gas industry. 

Image: Brunei LNG

In the field of education, Brunei LNG continues to recognise the achievement of best students, teachers and schools in the Belait district in an Academic Excellence Awards held annually since 2002. 

Brunei LNG also inked a partnership with UTB in 2005 to sponsor and support the Creative Innovative Product and Technological Advancement (CIPTA) Award – a biennial competition aimed to promote a culture of ‘creations, innovations, and inventions’ amongst the people of Brunei.

Apart from maintaining a strong relationship with key stakeholders in the business, Brunei LNG also forms partnerships with various organisations and members of the community in which it operates, namely Mukim Liang Lumut.

Image: Brunei LNG

The establishment of the Brunei LNG-Liang Lumut Community Committee represented by Brunei LNG staff, penghulus, village heads, school principals and other community leaders allows the company to provide support in educational, religious and social activities in the area. 

Engagement sessions are held throughout the year to resolve any issues the community may have pertaining to the company’s operations and discuss opportunities for collaboration that contribute to the development of the nation.

Brunei LNG continues to give back to the community, including the less fortunate, through various projects under its Strategic Social Investment.  The Lumut Liang Recreation Club (LLRC) was built as a gift to the community and is a venue for recreational, sports, educational and religious events.

Image: Brunei LNG

As part of its care towards the children of former employees who have passed away and orphans residing in Mukim Liang Lumut, Brunei LNG through its Badan Pekerja-Pekerja Islam  (BPPI) organises an annual donation event. The Islamic body also carries out the Caring Brunei LNG Charity Drive for the less fortunate which is held during Ramadhan.

As part of its 50th Anniversary celebrations, Brunei LNG launched the BLNGolden (Brunei LNG Golden) Hearts in April 2019, an initiative that has seen Brunei LNG employees and business partners show care and appreciation towards various communities around the nation by collaborating and engaging in altruistic activities. 

Image: Brunei LNG

Some examples of the activities carried out in 2019 include connecting with members of the Children’s Cancer Foundation (YASKA) through an outing at Ikigai Lounge filled with activities as part of efforts to raise awareness and bring attention to the fight against childhood cancer; cleaning campaign and repainting the exterior of Sekolah Rendah Orang Kaya Pemancha Berandai (OKPB) Bukit Sawat; a work-place site visit to Brunei LNG which involved 37 students from 13 educational institutions, to promote educational awareness of the oil and gas industry and its role in nation-building; and the funding of installation of new gratings for drains at the play area and renovation of the main toilet at the Centre for Children with Special Needs (Pusat KACA) in Tutong for the safety and convenience of the children.

Image: Brunei LNG

Plans are in place to further spread BLNGolden Hearts across the nation through more philanthropic actions in 2020. 

This article was first published on February 23, 2020 in our National Day Supplement



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