Brunei LNG has welcomed 23 new young local talents who are set to undergo development and progression schemes that are aimed at building highly competent and professional Bruneians within the company. 

A contract signing ceremony that was held at The Empire Brunei on Thursday saw 10 engineering technicians, nine operative technicians and four graduates inked an agreement with Brunei LNG represented by its Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Hjh Farida Dato Seri Paduka Dato Hj Talib.

Image: Analisa Amu

“I am pleased to share that our four graduates will undergo the three-year graduate development programme, whilst our 10 engineering technicians and nine operative technicians would undergo Brunei LNG’s Engineering and Operative Technicians Progression Schemes respectively,” she said in her opening remarks. 

Image: Analisa Amu

She explained that the Engineering Technicians Progression Scheme was actually reinstated this year after a five-year hiatus, as part of the company’s initiative to support the Ministry of Energy’s Bruneianisation directive. 

The reinstation of the scheme was also to support young local talents by providing them employment opportunities and building their technical capabilities. 

Image: Analisa Amu

These programmes, she continued, were designed to provide the right mix of on-the-job and theoretical learning, with the aim of creating highly competent and professional employees, part of the company’s drive to build competent and capable Bruneians in Brunei LNG. 

“For Brunei LNG, the signing ceremony is a demonstration of our pledge towards His Majesty’s Government Brunei Vision 2035, which aspires to develop Brunei Darussalam into a nation which will be widely recognised for the accomplishment of its educated and highly skilled people through the Vision’s Goals and Strategies, which among them is education,” she said. 

“To ensure progress, an integrated and high quality education system and workforce training are require,” she went on to say, adding that Brunei LNG is committed towards exploring further partnerships amidst the existing ones with the Ministry of Education. 

Image: Analisa Amu

Present at the event was Deputy Minister of Energy, Dato Seri Paduka Hj Matsatejo Sokiaw, Deputy Minister of Finance and Economy, Dato Seri Paduka Ahmaddin Hj Abd Rahman, the Managing Directors of Brunei Shell Joint Ventures and Brunei Gas Carriers, General Manager Brunei Liaison Office Mitsubishi Corporation and representatives from Brunei LNG Management, the Ministry of Energy, Petroleum Authority and Darussalam Assets. 

Image: Analisa Amu

The event ended with a nitrogen show by the Brunei LNG laboratory team and a gallery tour featuring an overview of Brunei LNG’s milestones and achievements as well as the different Brunei LNG Development Frameworks for Graduates, and Operative and Engineering Technicians. 



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