The sultanate has recently established the Brunei Darussalam Food Authority (BDFA), a regulatory and competent authority for food safety and quality, which has been consented to begin on 1 January of this year.

According to a press statement by the Ministry of Health, the BDFA will serve as a single point of contact in food related matters.

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They added that some functions and responsibilities under the purview of the MoH and the Ministry of Primary Resources and Tourism will be consolidated into the new body.

“The vision of the BDFA is to ensure that the food product in Brunei Darussalam are safe, clean and of good quality; ultimately ensuring and protecting consumer safety and health,” the statement read.

“Thus, the mission of the BDFA is to establish robust food regulatory and safety system in Brunei to support the vision,” it continued, expressing aims to be a catalyst in the development of the local food industry to achieve international competitiveness.

Ultimately, the role and the function of the BDFA is to increase the public’s awareness on the food safety, standards and food labeling, and part and parcel of that is by facilitating training and education for individuals who handle and supply food.

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“The authority also plays a role in regulating the food importation and exportation, production, processing and transportation including transits, as well as to ensure that the food supply chain from manufacturing, retail and distribution to the consumers are safe and in an orderly manner,” the statement added.

In terms of market access, the BDFA will regulate, facilitate and ensure that all exporting food business operators will comply and meet the relevant food safety legislation and standards as required by the national food control systems of the importing countries.

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This is in order to facilitate food related businesses in international trade.

Stakeholder engagement with government agencies, relevant stakeholders and fodd business operators will be carried out in phases, the statement went on to say, as these sessions will introduce the roles and functions of the authority and to increase awareness on food related orders and regulations under the authority. – Wardi Wasil



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