JEONSA fighters Mohd Adi Sya’rani Roslan (L), Norhani Besar (2nd L) and Moh Yazid Mohd Taib (R) posing for a photo with sponsoring company MMW’s Deputy CEO Michelle Lo. Image: Waqiuddin Rajak

Three local martial artists will be putting up their fists against some of the best fighters in the region in the 11th Any Martial Arts (AMA) Championship finals which will be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia this Sunday.

The fighters who all came from Jeonsa Academy including Mohd Yazid Mohd Taib, Adi Syarani Roslan and Norhani Besar all manage to be in the top four of their categories — with Adi Syarani being the closest to snatching his title this weekend.

Mohd Yazid is competing in the Men 70 kg Below, Adi Syarani in the Men 60 kg below and Norhani in the 60kg below category for women.

Their participation in the 11th season of the AMA Championship is sponsored by MMW.

Speaking to The Bruneian, lead contingent and Jeonsa Academy founder Yazid said the top four fighters of different categories were selected based on their performances throughout the tournament.

“In a match, every fighter will be awarded two points if they win and one if they lose, but it also depends on if you manage to knock out your opponents during your fight.  My colleague (Adi Syarani) was awarded 6 points for knocking out two opponents in the tournament,” he said.

“So he has the best chance to snatch the championship title this weekend,”

“For my category, my opponents are a bit tough, especially a fighter from Singapore, but we also did not come there empty handed – we’ve made a thorough preparation, we trained with Brunei’s best of the best Eazy Anuar from MMA Khalifa,” Yazid said.

Yazid also added that he enlisted help from the Sports Medicine and Research Centre based at the Hassanal Bolkiah National Sports Complex to condition them and make sure they are physically ready for the tournament.

“Of course we are still nervous as there are a lot of good fighters out there, but we also had our preparations.  We are also thankful to MMW for sponsoring our participation in this tournament,” he said.

“We are doing our best for every fight, and definitely, we are fighting to win,” he added.

AMA is the largest international amateur kickboxing league in Malaysia hosted as a platform to nurture civilian fighters in the martial arts scene. 

Hundreds of participants hailing from different countries took part in the tournament annually to test their mettle and prove their worth in the fighting scene.



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