Brunei’s instant noodles a hit in Asia

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Waqiuddin Rajak

Asli-KTM, the producer of Brumee instant noodles, is looking to strengthen its existing distribution channels in the region following the strong reception its brand has received abroad.

The local company has been exporting its brand of healthy Halal instant noodles to Singapore, East Malaysia, China and Hong Kong.

Speaking with The Bruneian, Asli-KTM’s Managing Director, Hj Rani Hj Awang Mohamad, said that his firm is currently validating its export markets, hoping to further expand his brand in those territories, particularly in China and Singapore where Brumee instant noodles are well-received.

He said that Brumee is being sold in 54 convenient stores and food outlets in Singapore. With the positive market response, he added, the company is now in talks with more distribution channels in the city state.

China is also another big market the company wants to explore further, especially on its massive Muslim consumers.

“When we showcased our products at a trade fair in Nanning last year, people from the northern parts of China came all the down to the fair just to buy our products,” said Hj Rani, adding that Brumee is currently only being sold in Guangzhou.

“We’ve sold off our entire stock during the fair.”

Meanwhile, a convenient store chain in Hong Kong that specialises in South Korean products is also selling Brumee instant noodles to its customers, the managing director revealed.

“It’s a good sign for us on how well the product is received there.”

Brumee instant noodles are also well-recieved in Sibu and Miri, said Hj Rani, which gives Asli-KTM confidence in expanding further in East Malaysia.

The company is now setting its sights on the Philippines and Indonesia as its next export destination.

“Of course we still want to further strengthen our foundation here in Brunei. We are working closely with the Brunei government,” said Hj Rani.

Though it may face stiff competition from popular rival brands such as Indomie and Maggi, Hj Rani believes that Brumee’s unique selling points should give his products an edge internationally.

Brumee instant noodles is certified Halal and is branded as a healthier alternative to conventional instant noodles sold in supermarkets, which often contain high sodium, fat, sugar and cholesterol.

Asli-KTM was established in 2005. The company opened its manufacturing plant at the Lambak Industrial in 2014.

The Bruneian