A user looking through his BruPay e-wallet. Image: BruPay

Local fintech startup BruPay recently released an update for its e-wallet service, which now allows users to register their businesses via a single tap onto their smartphones.

To register businesses, users will have to fill in their personal and business details, upload related photos or scanned documents and wait for about three to five working days to be verified.  Verification processes would include a mandatory business premise visit.

Once approved, their e-wallet service will have an increased maximum capacity of $15,000 – the limit imposed for businesses instead of the $1,000 limit for personal e-wallets – as outlined in Autoriti Monetari Brunei Darussalam’s (AMBD’s) regulatory sandbox.

With the update, users can easily switch between their personal and merchant account with a single tap.

Additionally, the latest update also includes an in-app top up service for Easi, Progresif and PowerKad.  Mobile top-ups will be automatically credited to the entered mobile number, while PowerKad top-ups will have to be manually entered into the user’s meter.


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