A group picture of the returning scholars heads and executives of BSJV companies. Image: Waqiuddin Rajak
BSP’s Managing Director Dr Ceri Powell handing over the signed document to a scholarship recipient. Image: Waqiuddin Rajak

Brunei Shell Joint Venture (BSJV) companies are reintroducing its scholarship conversion scheme which has been suspended since 2014.

The scheme enables graduates to convert any scholarship programme into the BSJV scholarship which guarantees successful graduates with jobs upon completing their studies.

Human Resource Director at Brunei Shell Petroleum (BSP), Hajah Zainab Haji MA Omar said the objective of the conversion scheme was to give another opportunity to those who failed to get into BSJV’s scholarship scheme in their first attempt.

“If they graduated with at least 2:2 degree classification, they can apply for the conversion scheme where they will be assessed. If they succeed, they can convert their scholarship to that of BSJV’s which will guarantee them a job,” she said. 

BSP’s Human Resource Director Hajah Zainab Haji MA Omar delivering her speech Image: Waqiuddin Rajak

Despite its popularity, the conversion scheme was suspended after 2014 due to challenging economic period that demanded BSJV companies to restructure their financial priorities.

“At the same time however, we still wanted to send the same number of students for our scholarship scheme,” the director said.

“But now we decided to reintroduce the scheme, not just because of the oil price recovery but also in support of the nation’s ‘Bruneianisation Directive’ which was issued in late June this year,” she added.

Hajah Zainab explained that the directive, which was rolled out to 11 major local oil and gas companies, required the firms to formulate plans of achieving 90 per cent local workforce within a specific period of time.

The deadline to achieve this varies according to the stage and size of the companies. 

Besides manpower, other targets were also outlined in the directive by the Ministry of Energy, Manpower and Industry (MEMI).

“Thus, to maintain our reputation as the “number one employer in Brunei”, we are currently moving to strengthen our collaboration with the Ministry of Education,” she said.

“Especially with our colleagues in the Scholarship Unit as well as those in colleges and higher education institutions in Brunei Darussalam,” she added.

The director was speaking on the sidelines of a scholarship signing ceremonies for 13 students who will be studying for degree programmes in local universities and abroad.

The event also saw recognition of 17 returning scholars who successfully completed their degree programme with First Class Honours.

Present to witness the signing ceremony was BSP’s Managing Director Dr Ceri Powell.

Also present were Patrice Girard, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer o Brunei LNG and Pg Shahmary Pg Dato Hj Mustapha, Managing Director or Brunei Shell Marketing.

To date, BSJV has sponsored a total of 722 students under its scholarship scheme.



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