Bureau Veritas, the leading and the largest third-party inspection and certification company in Brunei recently hosted a briefing, highlighting the importance and the benefit of Third Party Inspection and Certification for an organisation.

The event dubbed “Shaping Brunei with a World of Trust” was catered to better establish a better foothold in various Brunei industries via collaboration with Safety, Health and Environment National Authority (SHENA).  

With its global presence, Bureau Veritas aims to become the leader in the industry and a major player in each of the market segments and key geographical markets it ventures into.

(L-R): Bureau Veritas Brunei Country Chief Executive Rizan Latif, Industry Manager Nurham Rappe and Business Development Manager Lydia Lai during the Q&A session. Image: Fazizul Haqimie

Bureau Veritas Brunei Country Chief Executive Rizan Latif in his opening remarks said that as a business to business to society company, Bureau Veritas is dedicated to building trust between client companies, public authorities and consumers.

“Our mission is to reduce our clients’ risks, improve their performance and help them innovate to meet the challenges of quality, health & safety, environmental protection and social responsibility,” he said.

He further said that since the company’s founding in 1828, its name has been synonymous with integrity—all the more crucial in an industry built on trust.

“Today, we continue to place a premium on creating strong confidence between companies, consumers and public authorities. We are capitalising on our extensive experience to better serve society’s aspirations,” said the country chief executive.

Bureau Veritas Brunei Country Chief Executive Rizan Latif giving his remarks during the talk. Image: Fazizul Haqimie

He added that driven by society, Bureau Veritas acknowledged the challenges of growing urbanisation, anticipating the need for safer and smarter cities.

The company anticipates the expectations of an expanding global population, including the need for secure and reliable agricultural production.

“We understand the impact of climate change, working to ensure people worldwide have access to cleaner energy, while supporting our clients in the efficient management or conversion of their existing assets,” continued Rizan.

For the Oil and Gas industry, Bureau Veritas offers a range of services to facilitate the needs of oil refineries, gas facilities, nuclear installations and others which require safety studies, regulatory inspections, fugitive emission measures as well as HSE project management.

Some of the attendees of the “Shaping Brunei with a World of Trust” talk, Image: Fazizul Haqimie

Services catered towards the construction industry also help to secure a brighter relationship with government and private sector industries where HSE plays a huge role in developing trust.

These include feasibility / risk analysis, material testing, site inspection, periodical inspections that are crucial to the health and well-being of asset types residential buildings, commercial buildings, equipment and infrastructure (such as airport, rail), among others.

A Bureau Veritas standard certification in any aspect of these fields is projected to greatly benefit both client and consumer as ISO standard certifications under Bureau Veritas are globally recognised and well trusted.

Bureau Veritas Brunei Country Chief Executive Rizan Latif and Industry Manager Nurham Rappe during the Q&A session. Image: Fazizul Haqimie

The aim of the event was to familiarise guests who are industrial tenants of DARe: Construction with Bureau Veritas Services and the significance of what Bureau Veritas can offer in terms of HSE and to ensure that all equipment is compliant as required by SHENA.

More than 40 invited guests from SHENA and the construction industry attended the event that was held at the Design and Technology Building.

Prior to closing the event, a question and answer session was opened to the guests with questions directed to its Country Chief Executive Rizan Latif, Certification Manager Ram Desai, Industry Manager Nurham Rappe, and Business Development Manager Lydia Lai. – Analisa Amu



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