Up and coming Pocket, an all-in-one mobile payment gateway was freshly introduced to promote a seamless cashless transaction that allows you to link with any of your existing debit or credit card.

Users of the mobile app can instantly and conveniently scan and pay, eliminating the need to transfer funds from their account or physically go to an ATM to withdraw cash.

From buying your favourite coffee to a good haircut at the salon, with just a few clicks, Pocket users can easily conduct cashless payments with its wide range of lifestyle merchants even without having a physical credit or debit card in hand.

Image: The Bruneian

According to the Business Development Officer of ThreeG Media, Rex Lim, the app was developed in 2018 with an aim to provide consumers and businesses with a seamless digital solution.

“Handling a high volume of transactions has been in our company DNA for a great number of years. That being said, the backbone of Pocket is to enable users to pay with just their fingertips,” said Lim, adding that paying via the Pocket QR code is quick, fast, and convenient.

“We wanted Pocket to appeal to all ages so, with that in mind, we created a user-friendly app that only requires minimal clicks for an effortless experience,” he said.

Moreover, tourists and foreign workers are also able to register for Pocket with just a Bruneian mobile number and an international bank card with Visa or Mastercard.

On the side of the merchant, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) would also benefit from the Pocket as they are able to accept card payments at a low cost with no registration fee. 

“Merchants can easily generate a QR code for users to make a payment, which would come in handy when they are opening up a pop-up stall, as they only require their mobile device to do so,” he added.

How does Pocket work

Pocket mobile app is available to download at the App Store for iOS 13 and higher and Google Play for Android 6 and above.

Instead of going through the tedious process of transferring money between your digital wallet and your bank account, Pocket acts as your digital debit or credit card.

The payment app offers flexibility and connects directly to your cards from any bank regardless of card type.

To add a card, Pocket users need to enter three details: the card number, expiration date, and CVV, whereby it allows you to link up to three bank cards in the mobile app. 

Once their account is ready, Pocket users can simply pay via Pocket at any of the participating merchants. 

Using the “Scan and Pay” method which can be found on the app’s home screen, users can just scan the QR code displayed on the store counter, select your card and enter the amount to be paid followed by entering your security PIN or biometric and the payment is done.

Moreover, the app uses the latest technology in digital payments that allows for a seamless and easy payment experience while adding value-added features, including Pocket Biller, Pocket Deals, Pocket Membership, and also, Pocket Eats.

“Pocket not only aims to be a cashless payment gateway but also a lifestyle app,” explained Lim.

Image: The Bruneian

The app currently has a growing number of over 40 exciting merchants onboard ranging from restaurants, fitness studios, local businesses to international franchises.

“We cater to all nature of businesses and so, we’re constantly trying to expand our reach beyond the Food & Beverage industry and get more merchants on board with us,” he added.

Moreover, Pocket users can also take advantage of a wide variety of great deals available on the app.

Regarding safety and security,  the team behind Pocket believes that customers and merchants should enjoy peace of mind with their cashless transaction which is why Pocket has incorporated built-in security hardware from the devices such as biometrics.

Pocket has similar security to that of online and app banking services, as it requires users to enter their security pin or biometric authentication before transactions.

Users need not be worried when using Pocket as no card or bank details are stored on the server; all the details are encrypted and secured on the phone.

“No card or bank details are stored on the server, all the details are encrypted and tokenised on the phone,” he said.

Pocket: growing and improving digitally

Pocket was launched early this year and has gained a growing number of 4000 registered users since it was first introduced.

According to Rex, the company has observed that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the country is slowly shifting to digital platforms. 

“The usage of QR codes and mobile apps has been rapidly increasing in Brunei. Most of us have already been exposed to the BruHealth app where we scan the QR code before entering business premises,” he said, adding that with this technological exposure, Pocket is growing slowly but surely.

The Pocket team is constantly looking for ways to improve its services in its commitment to providing customers and merchants’ safer and convenient ways to perform digital transactions.

“We’re also constantly gathering feedback to find ways on how we can better improve our services to fit their needs,” he said.

With the growing lifestyle features, benefits and network of merchants available, Pocket aims to go beyond the easy-to-use payment app and seamlessly adapt to a cashless lifestyle.

This article was first published on July 25, 2020 in our Weekly E-Paper issue 99



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