CfBT introduces Mathletics classes

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Waqiuddin Rajak

THE Centre for British Teachers (CfBT) is coming up with Mathletics, a new subject to complement Brunei’s move to improve its literacy and numeracy rate among schoolchildren.

Mathletics is an online learning space equipped with digital tools allowing children to learn Mathematics in a fun but more focused setting.

Head of CfBT’s Training and Learning Centre (TLC) Robert Turnell explained that in Mathletics, lessons are carried out as if the children are playing games while in fact, they are learning ways to solve problems as they are pitched with other Mathletics players overseas.

In each lesson, students are given tablets with Mathletics programme installed, and two teachers will guide them through with Mathematics problems presented to them.

Pictures: Courtesy of CfBT

Through the Mathletics, the teachers are also able to set the syllabus accordingly for the students so as to allow them to ace their current Mathematics level before progressing to the next one.

Turnell said the idea to introduce the subject came at the end of last year during an exhibition in Kuala Lumpur, where Mathletics was amongst what was promoted in the showcase.

As Brunei moved to improve its literacy and numeracy rate, Turnell shared that a lot of CfBT teachers were pulled in for the Literacy and Numeracy Coaching Project (LNCP).

“CfBT already have an established portfolio for “literacy”, but we haven’t had anything to do with “numeracy” yet. So I was thinking of how to come up with something that will help Brunei with its “numeracy” he said.

“So we came up with Mathletics as the answer; a subject that has over 5.2 million users worldwide with lessons pitched exactly at children’s ability,” he added.

Turnell noted how important it is for Brunei to improve its literacy and numeracy rate, especially to build a skilled workforce for the future that could help the country to grow out of its dependence on oil and gas.

“And this is very evident through what we heard from Brunei government. So we are tapping into (the literacy and numeracy market) and deliver it for Brunei,” said turnell.

“In a way, our TLC is moving the same way with the government’s LNCP, but we do it in a smaller scale,” he added.

Those who wanted to find out more about CfBT’s Mathletics course can contact the TLC directly at 2442773 or 8665427, check its website at and Facebook page Learning Centre Brunei.