Tourism Development Department’s Acting Director Salinah Salleh (L) taking part in the event. Image: Azrina Zin
Chefs participating in a team-building activity. Image: Azrina Zin

The Tourism Development Department recently hosted a retreat that allows chefs to brainstorm their dishes for the Brunei Gastronomy Week 2019, which is slated for February 23 to March 10 next year.

Held at the Eco Ponies Garden in Kg Bang Nukat, Tutong, participating chefs were given the opportunity to create their own signature dishes using turmeric (kunyit) – a key ingredient for the upcoming culinary event.

Chefs faced off against one another to create the best of the dishes out of their thematic ingredient turmeric. Image: Azrina Zin

Participating chefs were given a chance to devise their own recipes during their retreat, but they will have to get past the judges if they want their new dishes to be displayed at the Brunei Gastronomy Week next year.

Besides that, they were also engaged in team-building activities.

The annual culinary event is part of the Tourism Development Department’s effort to encourage more hotels and restaurants to further improve the presentation of Bruneian cuisines.

One of the dishes made during the retreat. Image: Azrina Zin

For those who are interested to participate in the event, registrations will still be open until January 31, 2019.

Further enquiries can be directed to or call 2380022.

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