Some like their chicken roasted, while others prefer steamed. But with the Dynasty Combination Chicken Rice set, you can have up to four options! 

Dynasty Restaurant is offering a chicken rice promotion comprising four styles of how customers want their chicken prepared, namely roasted, steamed, fried or braised.

Each set is priced at B$15, perfect for two. The set comes with fragrant rice, succulent chicken cooked with tenderness, a bowl of soup and Chinese tea.

The chicken rice set is best complimented with a sweet-savoury sauce.

The promotion runs until the end of August, so get your chicken rice fix today!.

In addition, customers can enjoy Dynasty’s weekdays dim sum trolley service available from Monday to Thursday from. 9am to 2pm.

The restaurant recently introduced four new items in their Dim Sum menu: Chicken Egg Yolk, Dim Sum, Soup Dumpling, Dynasty Fried Chicken with Oyster Sauce and Dynasty Fried Chicken with King Tau sauce.

For enquiries, you can reach Dynasty Restaurant at 2430185, follow them on Instagram @dynastyrestaurantbn or visit their website at www,



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