Chicken Tender Crunch is now at Express Fast Food

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The all-new Chicken Tender Crunch available at Express Fast Food. Image: Courtesy of RBC

Azrina Zin

Express Fast Food is now introducing the new easy and flavourful meal Chicken Tender Crunch for the month of February.

The latest scrumptious indulgence features a juicy cut of seasoned and marinated all-white meat chicken that is lightly breaded and deep-fried until crispy and golden.

The Chicken Tender Crunch is available for $4.80 for a three-piece set and $15.80 for a six-piece set, each comes with butter rice, coleslaw and a side of cheese sauce.

For enquiries, you can reach Express Fast Food at 2237253 and follow them on Instagram @expressfastfood to get the latest updates

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