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SOCIAL media was the next obvious move for Mohamad Zulkifli Morshidi in his quest to lift the Caffe Bene brand name amongst coffee houses in Brunei.

It was always his intention to start a business said Mohamad Zulkifli and bringing in the Korean Coffee franchise Caffe Bene was what he felt worked for him.

“For me, it is better to do a franchise rather than start from the beginning to do a business,” said the area franchisee who was a former employee in the oil and gas sector.

Not only is the brand known for its coffee, the cafe is popular with Korean dessert bingsu (shaved ice cream), waffles, gelato and toasts, perfect for those who prefer some snacks to go with their coffee.

“I chose this brand as it has these snacks and desserts that give varieties to customers,” he said.

“The decision to bring in the brand is also to cater for the younger generation who are also fans of K-Pop.”

The establishment has reached its one year anniversary last March and launched its social media campaign. For the campaign, a promotion video featuring young social media influencers was unveiled.

“We include some youths in the video who are loyal customers at the cafe. The campaign aims to be held monthly where the community can post and share their best happy moments with us,” said Mohamad Zulkifli.

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