Customers ordering their drinks at the counter. Image: Azrina Zin

Colobaba, a new Taiwanese beverage outlet, has opened its doors at the bustling area of Setia Kenangan Complex with a variety of its baba series.

The brand introduced five Baba series in the local market namely; Yoghurt Baba Series, Milk Tea Series, Cheese Baba Series, Fruit Tea Series and Fruit Baba Series.

Also parts of the five signatures are its popular Dragonfruit Mango Yoghurt Baba and Flaming Brown Sugar Boba Milk Tea.

Among the products served at Colobaba. Image: Azrina Zin

Although the boba tea market in the sultanate is already saturated with many popular brands, but for newcomer Colobaba, they are more than excited to jump in the trend.

Manager of Colobaba Karen Yap sees an encouraging growth in the food and beverage market in Brunei.

Karen added that Colobaba will offer a variation on healthier teas.

Among the products served at Colobaba. Image: Azrina Zin

“Nowadays, people like colourful drinks but Colobaba is purely from fresh fruits. We don’t add colouring, instead we use fruits as the colours,” she said.

In addition to the drinks, the shop also offers egg-flavored fluffy Soufflé with flavorful choices of Brown Sugar Boba Soufflé and Matcha Soufflé.

Customers sitting down in the newly opened Colobaba. Image: Azrina Zin

For Yap, the concept of Colobaba is to bring in “fashionable and colourful” environment with the store’s ceiling blooming in pastel floral and a hint of pink neon colors – all contribute to Colobaba youthful charm.

The company is also eyeing on expanding the brand in the country by opening more branches in the future.

Customers posing with their drinks below the Colobaba signage. Image: Azrina Zin



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