Cosmopolitan College of Commerce and Technology (COSMO) is committed to expanding its tech-based capabilities in order to ensure that students are employable and job-ready amidst the fourth industrial revolution (4IR).

Speaking in an interview, COSMO Principal Nadirah Jambol noted how there has been a growing demand for digital skills as of late due to the global tech revolution, which is further hastened by the pandemic.

“A majority of us know that the 4IR is already here, and after going through COVID-19 (school closures and online learning), we want our students to be prepared,” she told The Bruneian on the sidelines of the college’s first student assembly this year.

With this in mind, COSMO has plans to not only increase the number of computer labs but to also expand their IT infrastructure, to give their students better access to the latest technologies that are relevant to the demands of the 4IR.

This includes increasing the bandwidth of the entire campus, she added, as well as providing students with the necessary software for programming, creating mobile applications and games, and readying hardware such as virtual reality equipment.

“It (the world of IT) is very fast paced, and some aspects are still new for the students, however, the new batches have shown great interest in these kinds of tech especially virtual reality,” she continued.

The emphasis towards IT, however, is not only reserved for the IT courses but also for all students studying at COSMO, regardless of their programme.

The principal explained that due to the demands of the modern industrial landscape, COSMO is dedicated to equipping its students with the relevant digital as well as soft skills in order to have an edge in the current job market.

“Regardless of your discipline, computer knowledge is essential,” said Nadirah.

“The workplace nowadays would not just be looking at just the jobseeker’s qualifications because these are relatively attainable but what is important is their attitude and experiences which will need practice,” she added.

Ultimately, COSMO wants to ensure that their students grow holistically; being job-ready while also being able to maneuver through whatever opportunities that are available to them.

She went on to say that while the college likes to put the focus on students’ academic and practical capabilities, they also want their students to be engaged with the community.

“As I told the students, 2020 was the year to appreciate things, and I think they realise that. Due to this, the students have planned a lot of events (this year) for charity, so another spotlight for COSMO this year, is giving back (to the community),” she added.

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