Image: Courtesy of Cosmopoliton College of Commerce and Technology.

Students from the Cosmopolitan College of Commerce and Technology (CCCT) recently visited IT Protective Security Services Sdn Bhd (ITPSS) to learn more about IT security awareness and the role of the Brunei Computer Emergency Response Team (BruCERT).

During the tour, the students were introduced to the services offered by ITPSS including information security audit, incident response, penetration testing, vulnerability management and IT security awareness training.

The presentation also covered online safety and common threat such a malware, phishing, social engineering and ransomware.

Image: Courtesy of Cosmopoliton College of Commerce and Technology.

In addition, students were given a talk on how to achieve a career in IT security and what to expect from working at ITPSS.

ITPSS will be hosting a public presentation by local security experts and tech professionals on August 4 alongside the upcoming Cyber Battle Capture The Flag.

The presentation will cover a range of topics including phising, digital forensics, app development and virtual reality.

Those interested in attending the presentation can visit for more information.



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