Marketing Director Wong Hui Ting (2nd R) and other senior members of Cuckoo International (B) in a group photo with the outdoor water filter. Image: Waqiuddin Rajak

Cuckoo International (B) marked another milestone as it introduced a new branch of home appliance products into its existing portfolio – starting with the all-new Prime X2 outdoor water filter launched last night.

The outdoor filter is an exclusive product specifically designed for the local market to provide convenience and assurance of clean water with the use of latest technologies and high-end materials.

Marketing Director Wong Hui Ting explained to the media that the new outdoor filter boasted a stainless-steel vessel to prevent growth of bacteria and mould as well as corrosion.

“It is also equipped with a high-end auto flush functions, allowing the filter to remove unwanted sediments like dirt and ensure their water supply remained clean and healthy,” she said.

This, she added, allows homeowners to be at ease whenever they want to shower, clean their food or even when doing their laundries.

Marketing Director Wong Hui Ting (L) speaking to the media. Image: Waqiuddin Rajak

Besides being elastic and durable, Wong added that the new product is also capable of filtering 3,000 litres of water in an hour, Wong said.

The new outdoor filter will be making an exclusive entrance into the market at the upcoming 23rdConsumer Fair, which will be taking place from June 26 to 30.

The Cuckoo Prime X2 outdoor filter starts with an outright price of $990 with two years of Natural Care Service (NCS).

Two rental plans are also available for customers: $49 per month with three years NCS and $39 per month with five years of NCS.

A look at the newly launched Prime X2 Outdoor Water Filter. Image: Waqiuddin Rajak

Customers who purchase the new product during the Consumer Fair wil also be eligible to take part in a lucky dip to win special prizes.

For more information, contact the Cuckoo Careline at 2333330, visit its website or Cuckoo Brunei’s Facebook Page.


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