Two of the popular drinks Roasted Brown Sugar Pearl Fresh Milk and Honey Golden Pearl Green Milk Tea. Image: Wardi Wasil

Boba lovers rejoice! The thirst-quenching Taiwanese bubble tea brand Daboba has opened its doors at Aman Hills Shophouse.

The beverage franchise, fronted with its iconic grizzly bear, is known for its “Roasted Brown Sugar Pearl Fresh Milk” and “Honey Golden Pearl Green Milk Tea”.

The new kid in town is already popular in Malaysia and Singapore, attracting long queues with a variety of its signature tea series.

The Daboba storefront located at the Aman Hills Shophouse. Image: Ridhwan Kamarulzaman
Customers seen queuing up and placing their orders at the newly opened Daboba. Image: Ridhwan Kamarulzaman

Known for their cute bear-shaped cups, Daboba introduced nine of its crowd-pleasing series to the menu including the Roasted Brown Sugar series, Taiwanese Brown Sugar Series, Honey Golden Pearl Series, Classic Milk Tea series and Cheese Tea Series, among others.

For the Roasted Brown Sugar Pearl Fresh Milk it is topped with layers of cream foam, caramel-coated tapioca pearls and brown sugar that’s torched till caramelised – just like crème brulee, giving a distinctive toasty and fragrant taste to it.

The second popular drink Honey Golden Pearl Green Milk Tea. Image: Wardi Wasil
Daboba employees seen preparing drinks at the new branch in Aman Hills Shophouse. Image: Azrina Zin

Whereas, its second popular choice Honey Golden Pearl Green Milk Tea is a milk-infused refreshing and fragrant green tea drink that is perfectly matched with the golden honey pearls.

What’s exciting too, Daboba will be extending its menu to desserts in the future. So, be sure to follow them on Instagram @dabobabrunei for updates!

One of the drinks available at Daboba, Roasted Brown Sugar Pearl Fresh Milk. Image: wardi Wasil

Furthermore, wind down for some tea at its brightly lit outlet which bears a clean, minimalist concept with comfortable cushioned sofas and dining chairs that fit up to 30 people.

As you enter the shop located just next to Aman Hills Shopping Centre, you will be greeted by the mural of a grizzly bear and its trademark cool tone-coloured walls, giving a relaxed and cozy vibe.

Speaking to The Bruneian, Manager of T.M.W Boba (B) Tang Wui Min said that despite the already saturated boba tea scene in Brunei, Tang sees a positive and encouraging growth in the local food and beverage market.

Manager of T.M.W Boba (B), Tang Wui Min during an interview Image: Wardi Wasil
Employees of Daboba posing for a group photo. Image: Wardi Wasil.

“The timing was ripe for them to enter the market as more Bruneians are developing a growing taste for bubble tea,” she said.

She foresees the competition to get challenging in the future with the mushrooming bubble tea brands around the country but she is confident that Daboba will be able to withstand.

Prior to opening Daboba, Tang has tried over 10 different Boba tea brands during her travels in Kuala Lumpur. It was then she came across the franchise and was impressed by the quality of drinks and menu.

Roasted Brown Sugar Pearl Fresh Milk topped with a torched layer of brown sugar. Image: Wardi Wasil.

For Tang, Daboba differentiates itself by its tapioca pearls that are cooked on the spot in brown sugar, giving them the soft, chewy texture and long-lasting caramalised taste.

“We are focused on providing quality beverages, which is why we would only keep the pearls for 4 hours,” added the manager.

When asked about future plans for the franchise, Tang said that they are eyeing to open more branches in Brunei.

The catchy mural of the grizzly bear on the wall of the newly-opened Daboba branch at Aman Hills Shophouse. Image: Ridhwan Kamarulzaman



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