Awarding ceremony of the ASEAN Entrepreneur Award, Jangchung Arena, Seoul. Source: ASEAN Korea Centre website

Darussalam Enterprise (DARe) is inviting local businesses to apply for the fifth ASEAN Entrepreneurship Award slated to take place at the 21st World Knowledge Forum in South Korea this September.

Organised by the ASEAN Korea Centre and Maekyung Media Group, the annual award aims to promote outstanding businesses in ASEAN, raise awareness of the region as an investment, while fostering greater economic cooperation between businesses in South Korea and ASEAN.

This year’s award will see five categories with the following criteria:

1. Regional Champion
Regional giant(s) who has/have strong presence in more than three ASEAN countries.

The nominees in this category not only has/have contributed cross-border trade and freer movement of goods, services and people at the regional level but also increased the awareness of ASEAN at an international level.

2. Entrepreneur 4.0
Exceptional entrepreneur(s) in the digital sector or tech startup(s).

The nominee(s) in this category provided innovative solutions to the problems in their country or ASEAN with smart technologies, thus greatly improving the lives of people.

Awarding ceremony of the ASEAN Entrepreneur Award , Jangchung Arena, Seoul. Image: ASEAN Korea Centre website

3. Empowering Women
Female business leader(s) who has/have made significant achievements in their field.

The nominee(s) in this category are role models and have inspired other young women in their country and ASEAN.

4. Up-and coming Startups
Business(es) that are still at the early stage of operations.

The nominee(s) in this category has/have sought and operated under innovative and novel business models that inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs.

5. Scale-ups – The Next Unicorns
Fast-growing startup(s) that has/have shown maturity in terms of revenue and operation.

Nominee(s) has/have proven a certain level of success in business and is/are ready to become one of the next unicorn companies.

Interested local MSMEs who fulfill the eligibility criteria can register by sending a cover letter, a scan of their identity card, company registration certificate and brief company profile in pdf form.

The cover letter should detail their nature of business, the award category they are applying, indicate business relevance to the award category for which they wish to be nominated, year established, number of employees, products and services offered, past achievements and awards, address, social media and website.

Special session for the Vietjet, Shilla Hotel, Seoul. Image: ASEAN Korea Centre

The necessary details can be emailed to with the subject: RE: Applicant- [COMPANY NAME] [AWARD CATEGORY][2020 ASEAN Entrepreneur Awards] by Tuesday, May 5, before 4pm.

The final selection is based on selection criteria as well as assessment of materials submitted by the applicant.

For more information contact (for attention to: DARe International Research & Cooperation -IRC) or call 2384830 ext 210/234. – Rafidah Hamit



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