A DART driver confirming the payment he received through a specialised DART interface on his smart phone Image: Waqiuddin Rajak

Brunei’s only ride-hailing business Dart now allows its customers to pay their fares online, in its bid to make its service more seamless and convenient for its current market.

The new cashless method gives users the option to purchase ‘Rider Credits’ using their credit or debit cards.  They can access this option by selecting ‘payment setting’ after opening the app on their smartphones.

After selecting ‘credit card’, users will be prompted to select the desired amount of credits they want to purchase.  After deciding the amount, users can then process their card details with secure payment gateway to get their credits.

Before booking their rides, users should select ‘payment with credits’ should they want to settle their fares online.

Dart’s Sales and Marketing Officer Muhammad Adib Haji Mahamud told The Bruneian that besides adding more options to its ride-hailing service, the cashless payment was also meant to ease customers who may have to think of preparing the exact amount of monies for their fares.

“We want our customers to just come in and enjoy their rides,” he said.

“We have already received good responses for this new payment method, despite it still being in its early stages.  Our customers are very much happy with this new addition,” he added.

Besides cashless payment, Dart has also introduced its airport pick-up services those looking for transportation without having to concern their family and friends.

A picture of a DART Stop sign in Gadong. Image: Waqiuddin Rajak

“There was a large gap with many missed ride requests over the long year of our operations,” Muhammad Adib said.

“We wanted to address them, as they have made significant demand for alternative options out of the airport,” he added.

Those who wished to book for Dart’s airport pick-ups can go to a designated spot at the P2 Parking next to the airport.

“The introduction of these services were to meet the demand of customers,” said CEO and co-founder Zul’Amali DP Hj Idris.

“We always value convenience and want to create a seamless experience for our users. Having these new services is the most logical step for us and our riders.”



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