Dell Technologies to bank on ‘one-stop-shop’ in Brunei market

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Waqiuddin Rajak

DELL Technologies is leveraging on its “one-stop-shop” capability to further expand its services in the Bruneian market, while at the same time work with its partner BAG Networks to provide latest IT enterprise features and infrastructure to local clients.

This “one-stop-shop” capability refers to Dell’s prowess in providing everything fully in-house, with Dell EMC’s Enterprise Sales Manager for South Asia Andy Yeoh noting that such feature itself is what sets the company apart from the rest of its competitors.

“It means that Dell would not have to depend on (third-party vendors) to deliver IT solutions to its customers; it also means that we can deliver our solutions faster than any other companies to our clients.”

Brunei, he said, is the only market, out of 20 countries in Asia where Dell provides a post-support service. The strong in-house capability also gives Dell the confidence to put strongly forward its latest IT infrastructure in partnership with BAG Networks; including server management, storage network system and data protection solutions to its Bruneian clients.

Pictures: Waqiuddin Rajak

All of these structures are ready-made, said Yeoh, and it took into account most of the requirements needed by its clients; with Dell EMC’s representatives working hard to gain insight on the common IT issues and concerns faced by its customers.

“Normally, initial setups for these infrastructures may take six months or longer; what we are offering is shorten this gap so that companies can use them immediately,” said Yeoh.

“The world is moving fast today, if businesses have to run, they will have to run; with our infrastructure, businesses do not have to worry about disruptions in their operations because they can move in immediately one they acquire our system.

“The challenge however lies with the fact that customers may have limited resources to begin with; but we do have our consultants ready to discuss with them on how they can achieve what they want with the limited budget they have,” he added.

Accompanying Yeoh during the interview with The Bruneian were Account Executive for Asia Pacific and South Asia Emerging Market Bernard Kho and BAG Network’s Infrastructure Lead, Melvin Tan.

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