Shopping and doing business online is now made easy and convenient with Domo; an online lifestyle platform that connects vendors and customers in just a few clicks away.

The newly-launched app or online marketplace that was developed by DXM enables customers to view products offered by each seller, place their orders, pay online and get them either delivered or self-pickup, all in one app.

Fendy Aliman, the co-founder of Domo, said that the platform simplifies how people do online purchases and sales today.

Image: Ridhwan Kamarulzaman

“For social media businesses, for instance, buyers have to switch (simultaneously) between inquiries, making bookings and payment.

Switching from one platform to another may cause you to lose your potential customer.

With Domo, you’ve already got your products, prices, place orders to cart and make your payment. Everything is done just in one platform, quick and efficient,” he said.

Unlike on social media platforms, chances of customers losing interest is high and transactions may not be reliable.

“With us, as it is right now, we have small set of vendors and not competing with the entire world for attention…customers choose and pay at once, so it is simple and secured,” said the co-founder, adding that users can link their credit / debit cards to Domo.

Currently, there are some 16 vendors already signed-up with the online marketplace selling products ranging from coffee, gadgets, crafts, headscarves, desserts and chicken rice, among others.

Domo is ideal for online sellers, who do not have any physical stores or other platforms to market their products.

“There are many Instagram or Facebook sellers out there but can’t reach the wider market. Domo allows them to reach more and we have the support of our marketing team MMW to help push their products out on Mixel and airport displays,” Fendy said.

Furthermore, Domo is available on Google play store now with the iOS version will available in a few weeks.

Image: Ridhwan Kamarulzaman

The app will add more product, categories in the platform and bring in more vendors such as Rumah Gelato, Burger King and Brunei Bean Bag once the app is launched on Apple iOS.

Domo is free to download for both customers and vendors.

One needs to sign up and follow the steps in the platform, and just browse through.

First 50 vendors who sign up with Domo will be given special rates.

“Meanwhile, for Ramadhan, those who sign up will have zero fees and zero percent charges but only pay 50 cents per transaction made during the fasting month only,” he said.

The Domo team is planning to have targeted marketing in the future where the app is equipped with an algorithm that learns customer’s interest and show contents that customers want, Fendy concluded.

This article was first published on May 18, 2019 in our Weekly E-Paper issue 37


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